How To Copy Ellie Goulding's Victoria's Secret 2015 Fashion Show Hair & Makeup — PHOTOS

When Ellie Goulding hit the stage at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight, I was entranced by her killer white dress. Yet, I was more mesmerized by how amazing her hair and makeup looked. The British singer was selected to replace Rihanna in this year's VS show, and she showed up with her A-game. If you love her bedhead and soft makeup as much as I do, you're in luck, because this is how to get Ellie Goulding's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hair and makeup.

Goulding stepped out on the runway in a plunging red leopard print Versace gown that showed off her legs, and she kept her hair and makeup simple to bring the attention to the daring dress. Onstage, she wore another show-stopping white dress, and her look was basically the same (minus some backstage touchups, naturally). I'm in love with her beachy, messy hair and the soft but smoky pink makeup she wore tonight, so I had to do some investigating into how to copy her look.

Backstage was crazy with a million models, makeups and hair stylists running around, so I don't blame Goulding for bringing her own people. Stylist Harry Josh and makeup artist Lucy Wearing, both of whom work with Goulding often, were on hand to create this look.

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So. Fierce.

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Goulding even posted some snaps from backstage while Josh and Wearing were busy touching up her hair and makeup.

I'm obsessed with how perfect her hair looked both on the pink carpet and onstage, so I was so glad Josh posted some behind-the-scenes pics as well.

Like a good Instagram celeb, he knows we're all dying to recreate the look, so he helped us out by telling us the tool he used.

2-in-1 Marcel Ceramic Curling Iron, $175,

His fave tools are (obviously) from his Harry Josh Pro Tools line, and given the beachy texture, I bet he alternated curling pieces different directions. As you can see, he curled the pieces around her face away from it to add a nice face-framing element.

If you need some additional guidance, I love this beachy waves tutorial (starring Josh!) that is similar to Goulding's look.

John Frieda US on YouTube

He used John Frieda's sea salt spray, which gives hair a lived-in quality.

Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, $8.99,

No Victoria's Secret appearance is complete without makeup, and I loved how fresh and perfect Goulding's looked.

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So angelic, right? The key to her makeup look was her longtime makeup artist, Wearing, who she also posted a selfie with backstage.

Given that Goulding's new beauty line for MAC is coming out the day after Christmas, I'm going to assume her makeup artist has her hands on some prototypes, right? I mean, her soft pink makeup basically looks like it was done exclusively using the products from this Instagram Wearing posted.

Once you finally get your hands on all the products in her new line, it'll be easy to recreate this look. I love this Ellie Goulding tutorial, which has the same soft pink makeup she wore tonight.

Emily Canham on YouTube

While we can't all be rockstars like Goulding, at least we can all imitate her gorgeous hair and makeup from tonight.

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