The Red Devil Kills Pete On 'Scream Queens', Because The Finale Would Have Been Incomplete Without A Murder

To say there's been a whole lot of bloodshed during Season 1 of Scream Queens would be an understatement. The Red Devil team was busy all season — even as their numbers dwindled when they turned on each other. The finale would have been downright incomplete without one last major character death, so the Red Devil killed Pete on Scream Queens — as if we needed more proof that being in #Cahoots definitely does not guarantee one's survival. In the season's penultimate episode, Pete confessed to Grace that he's a murderer and it wasn't exactly a huge surprise because he's acted fairly sketchy since the pilot and he seriously hates the Kappas.

But, since the bathtub babies are Boone and Hester, how did Pete get involved? It turns out Boone recruited him when they needed some extra help — and Pete was all too willing to assist with the killings. As he told Grace, Pete believes the Red Devil team is better than the members of Wallace's Greek system. He creepily and repeatedly declared that, "I did this for you," and explained that Chanel had degraded and humiliated him in front of the entire Kappa House. (Not to nitpick, Pete, but doesn't that mean you did it for your own revenge purposes rather than romance?) He also admitted to killing Roger, Dodger, and Boone — and shooting Chanel with a crossbow.

Grace was understandably pretty furious to learn that her boyfriend killed multiple people, but she kept on her detective cap (well, her newsboy cap) and demanded that Pete tell her the identity of the bathtub baby. He kindly provided a spoiler alert before telling her, "it's one of your sisters." Which one, you ask? Well, Pete didn't get a chance to tell her because the aforementioned Kappa sister showed up and — you guessed it — stabbed Pete to death.

Pete, if you hadn't been so busy providing "spoiler alerts" and telling Grace "you won't believe it," she'd actually know that Hester is the Red Devil. Instead, Grace is currently leading Kappa with Zayday and Hester and feeling pretty great about the fact that she's transformed the sorority into a welcoming environment. Meanwhile, the Chanels have been wrongfully convicted of murder — but, don't worry, they're far happier at the Palmer Asylum than they were at Wallace University.

Rest In Peace, Pete — and good job surviving until the season finale. As the countless fallen Wallace University students would attest if they were still alive, that was no easy feat.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX