How To Stream 'Mr. Robot' Online So You Don't Miss 1 Action-Packed Second

You only have until Jan. 10 to catch up on everything you want to watch before the Golden Globe awards. The nominations don't come out until Dec. 10, but since it's highly likely that Mr. Robot will snag a few, you'll want to get started watching it as early as possible. After all, the show about an antisocial hacker hell-bent on bringing down one of the world's most evil corporations feels pretty relevant right now. So, how can you stream Mr. Robot ?

It's actually pretty easy, and that's good foresight on the part of the USA network. They knew in advance that Mr. Robot wouldn't be the type of show that would get a huge audience right out of the gate; it'd require buzz from early adopters to make a slow-growing audience. So, from the very beginning, USA made sure it'd be easy to play catch-up. “The job right now is to keep Mr. Robot in the public eye as much as possible," USA network president Chris McCumber told Vulture. That means keeping it available for streaming. So, you want in, right? How do you take advantage of Mr. Robot's streaming-friendly mentality? Right now, there's only one way to catch up on all of Season 1.

But, true to McCumber's words, it is super easy. All of Mr. Robot Season 1 is available to stream on the USA Network website. Every single one as long as you have a cable subscription to sign in with. There, you're done. Don't need to look any further.

Would you rather see it on a streaming site like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? You'll have to wait. So far, only one of those services has snagged the rights to show Mr. Robot: Amazon Prime. But that won't go into effect immediately. According to the International Business Times, the show won't start streaming there until spring 2016.

When it does move over to Amazon Prime, it'll no longer be available on the USA website. So, all signs point to marathoning it now on the USA site. That way, you can see it even if you're not a Prime member, can burn through all of the episodes before the Golden Globes, and will understand what all your friends are talking about when the start casually referring to the places they work as "Evil Corp." Then you'll just have to wait with the rest of us for Season 2.

Images: Christopher Saunders/USA Network; Giphy (2)