The One Trick For A Perfect Smoky Eye Is Easier Than You Think — PHOTOS

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Ah, the elusive smoky eye. If you've been struggling to successfully pull off this glam look, you need to start using the one trick for a perfect smoky eye. It's simple, fast, and might already be hiding in your makeup.

Admittedly, even with the one essential trick, smoky eyes just straight up take practice to find the balance between non-existent makeup and overly done raccoon eyes. I started playing with the look when I was fourteen and it has taken years for me to able to successfully pull it off in about three minutes now. So don't give up if you're struggling.

The one trick for a perfect smoky eye is not eye shadow, but smudge-tip liner. experts explained, "If you want to intensify your smoky eye ... apply a black eyeliner as a base. Smudge the pencil all over the lid. Once complete, add the eye shadow and blend." I'd like to emphasize the world blend here, as it's what will determine your success or failure!

Smudge tip liners make for easy blending, and I recommend dipping the smudge tip in a little eye shadow for an even smokier eye. For daytime though, skip the extra shadow and just smudge your eyeliner for a barely-there smoky look that will make your eyes pop.

If you're still nervous, check out the video below that shows you exactly how to angle your liner and smudge tip to get the look you're after.

And as for which eyeliners to use, each one below is in (or used to be in) my makeup bag!

1. Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

Smoothing Eye Liner Pencil, $20, Shiseido

When I lived in Japan for a year, I fell in love with all things Shiseido and this creamy liner was no exception.

2. Lasting Long-Wearing Liner

Lasting Long-Wearing Liner, $16, BareMinerals

If you've never tried BareMinerals products, I couldn't encourage you more! For ladies out there with sensitive skin, this brand is totally free of any harsh irritants.

3. Automatic Eye Pencil

Automatic Eye Pencil, $23, BECCA

This liner stays put all day long, and I love that the formula also totally works to fill in eyebrows and give them a bold pop.

4. Retractable Waterproof Liner

Retractable Waterproof Liner, $13, Sephora

Hands down my current favorite, this budget-friendly option comes in over twenty shades.

5. Sheer Eye Color

Sheer Eye Color, $24, NUDESTIX

For a daytime smoky stick, this one can't be beat.

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