How Many Pairs Of Tights Do You Need To Survive Winter? — PHOTOS

During the winter, I tend to gravitate away from stiff jeans that can take forever to dry if they get wet and prefer layering leggings and tights instead. If you're a tights lover, too, make sure you know how many pairs of tights you need to survive winter because let me tell you — one pair isn't enough. You might discover you need to make a mini shopping run ASAP to grab a few more!

My first realization of just how many kinds of tights I needed during cold months really sunk in last January. Manhattan was at its coldest, and I wanted to make sure my legs were fully covered every single time I walked out the door. I soon discovered my one semi-opaque pair of thin black tights I wore religiously during winter in SoCal was no longer going to cut it on the East Coast.

Whether I was running in the freezing cold park, off to a holiday party, headed for work, or just lounging around my (rather poorly heated) apartment, you can bet I had tights on my legs. Stocking up on classic sheer tights, opaque tights, and workout tights was a worthwhile investment because I got so much use out of every single pair I bought.

If you don't have at least one pair of the three tights styles below, round them up quickly before the worst of winter really hits!

Classic Sheer Tights

For nights out, these are the best way to stay warm without obviously being like, "I'M WEARING TIGHTS!"

1. Denier In Nude (Plus)

Curve Denier Tights, $8, ASOS

A hint of playful shimmer, these sheer tights will go under anything.

2. Ultra Sheer

Donna Karan Ultra Sheer Tights, $20, Nordstrom

A less shimmery option, these are perfect under a skirt for a work day.

3. Sheer Luxe

Sheer Luxe Pantyhose, $20, American Apparel

Black sheer tights FTW when you forget to shave!

Opaque Tights

Good under skirts, dresses, and oversized sweaters, opaque tights are the number one style I reach for in winter for everyday use.

1. Red Opaque

DKNY Red Opaque Tights, $16, Nordstrom

I love rocking these at parties with a little black dress.

2. Classic Black

Opaque Pantyhose, $16, American Apparel

Sometimes, nothing gets the job done like straight up black tights.

3. Kiss Of Shimmer Black (Plus)

Gold Toe Ultra Opaque Tights, $14, Amazon

With the slightest hint of sparkle, these are totally perfect if you don't have time to change between work and going out.

Gym Or Athleisure Tights & Leggings

These are essential when you're braving the elements, whether you're out for a run or out to brunch. Make sure you have a pair of two of these.

1. Power Stretch Thermal (Plus Available)

Power Stretch Thermal, $89, Athleta

The burst of bright blue makes these super fun to mix and match with.

2. Dri-Fit Thermal

Dri-Fit Thermal, $75, Nike

Nike knows what's up when it comes to work out clothes, and these thermal tights don't disappoint.

3. Remarkawool

Remarkawool Tight, $69, Athleta

Knit with ultra-warm Merino wool, these cozy tights can't be beat to layer under ski gear or rock at a yoga class.

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