Bryshere Y. Gray Is Ready To Be Spider-Man

Step aside Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, because there's a new superhero in town. Empire star Bryshere Y. Gray wants to be Spider-Man and it's probably the best idea I've ever heard. While posing in the Spider-Man costume for Paper magazine, Gray proved not only can he wear the red and blue suit well, but he brings up a good point: Why shouldn't he be the web-slinging superhero with Spidey-sense?

In the style of Hakeem Lyon, the 22-year-old actor/rapper told Paper,

I'm young and pretty and I represent the youth in America and speak to them in a way no one can at this time. I'm the American Idol. And I like to climb and fly through the sky and also would look amazing in the Spider-Man outfit.

As Spider-Man fans know, with great power comes great responsibility, which Gray could totally handle. The point of the photo shoot with Paper was to show why it's time for a movie to revolve around Miles Morales, rather than Peter Parker, and showcase more diversity, especially when it comes to superheroes like Spider-Man. For those unfamiliar, Miles Morales is a mixed-race Brooklyn teen who was introduced as the Ultimate Spider-Man in 2011.

Despite Miles or Gray not getting their day in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, fans are beyond excited to see the actor become Spider-Man, even if it is just for a magazine.

Here's hoping one day the fantasy becomes reality.