This 'Her' Documentary Is a Must-See

One of the best films of 2013 was without a doubt Her, and fortunately, today the Oscars recognized that by giving it few nods, including one for Best Movie. So, to celebrate, there's no better way than grabbing your iPhone, turning on Siri, and watching this new trailer for Her: Love In the Modern Age , a documentary about the production and concept of Spike Jonze's award-nominated film.

So, what exactly does the documentary consist of? First off, a bunch of interviews from the film's stars like Olivia Wilde, and others like score composer James Murphy, author Bret Easton Ellis, and actress Charlyne Yi, amongst a ton of others. It also features reactions from people who somehow relate to Her — which is, when you think about it, everyone, since Her is above all things a love story — and how exactly it does. The doc was produced and directed by Jonze's frequent collaborator Lance Bangs.

As for when the documentary will be released — that's not been announced yet, but until then, you can always rewatch this trailer a few times, or go treat your smartphone to date night and see Her again in theaters. It's worth it.

Image: Annapurna Pictures