6 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

One of the biggest surprises about growing up is realizing that spending time with friends eventually becomes more of a luxury than a normal part of life. Even for those of us who do get to spend a good amount of time with those we love, I think we can all agree that there's definitely a shift as the years go on — people are busy with work, kids, and other obligations, and we all begin to value a good night's sleep over, uh, basically everything else. So what do you do when you are wallowing in your loneliness and wondering if this is all that adulthood can offer? Oh, right, you become obsessed with work. Or you get a cat.

Having a cat as your best friend is the greatest life hack ever. Aside from the fact that they are frighteningly humanlike in thought and emotion (this isn't science, just observation), they're also loyal AF, and not only will their allegiance to snuggle and love you at all times be unwavering, but they will join you in life's most rewarding activities: napping on the couch, pretending you're not home when the doorbell rings, running away when people come inside, eating a lot, meowing as your sole form of communication, and so on.

If you had any doubts or questions as to whether or not your cat is, indeed, your BFF, may they all be put to rest now. Here, all the signs you're officially a cat person. (No, like, the crazy kind.)

The Thought "Well, At Least I Have My Cat" Genuinely Comforts You When You Feel Alone

You actually think of them as a human being, just... in cat form?

If You're Staying In, You Think Of It As "Spending The Day With Them"

They are not just an animal you house, they are a being to whom you must give your time and attention and love.

You Speak To Them Like They Can Understand, And Tell Them Your Problems

And you like to at least pretend they can understand.

They Always Know When Something's Not Right

They have an intuitive nudge when you're not feeling well, and they come and snuggle you when you're sad.

You Have More Genuine Feelings Of Affection For Them Than You Do For 2/3 Of Your Extended Family

Like, you actually have real feelings for this little furball.

You Don't Think There's Anything Weird About Any Of This

They lick your plate? You keep eating off of it. They lick their butts? You let them lick your face. You call them smoochie pookie baby and greet them like human beings when you walk in the door? Normal. You think all of this is 100 percent normal. (That's when you know you're past the point of being saved.)

Images: Giphy (3); Pexels