When Does ‘Supernatural’ Come Back? The Season 11 Void Can Be Filled With These 8 Shows

The CW’s long-running series Supernatural airs its winter finale on Wednesday, Dec. 9. The show, in its eleventh season, still manages to keep fans entertained, making a holiday hiatus just as nerve-wracking as ever. With the suspense garnered surrounding the midseason capper, “O Brother Where Art Thou?,” viewers are already wondering when Supernatural Season 11 will return in 2016. Well, I actually have good news.

While some TV series are taking very long winter hiatuses that stretch into the spring, The CW is being much kinder to fans. Though no official return date has been set, many of the network's other series are returning the weeks of Jan. 20 and 27, making those the most likely return dates for Supernatural. And I doubt The CW will keeps fans waiting much longer than that. After more than a decade, Supernatural’s devout following stays just as loyal as ever — and anxious for the next episode. So even with that relatively short break, as we navigate the holiday season, and its accompanying temporary television drought, Supernatural fans may be searching for a way to stay merry and bright. Perhaps catching up on some other sci-fi, fantasy, and/or supernatural shows could do the trick?

Here are eight show’s currently streaming on Netflix to watch while waiting for Supernatural to come back, most likely in mid to late January.

1. The X-Files

Did someone just say sci-fi, fantasy, and/or supernatural? This show has it all, plus Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

2. Charmed

On this CW predecessor (beginning back in its WB days), a group of sisters discover they are witches and eight seasons of supernatural adventures ensue.

3. Arrow

Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, the show is in its fourth season on the CW — but you can get up to date now with Seasons 1 through 3 currently streaming on Netflix.

4. The Walking Dead

A series for the somber Supernatural fan, this comic book turned gritty AMC zombie drama is in its sixth season, with Seasons 1 through 5 available on Netflix.

5. Being Human

Both the U.K. and U.S. versions of the supernatural series chronicling a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf who live together are streaming on Netflix. Together, they total nine seasons, so that should keep you really busy while waiting for Supernatural.

6. Once Upon A Time

This supernatural, fantasy series uses characters you’ve known and loved since childhood — fairy tale heroes and villains. The show is in its fifth season on ABC, with all previous seasons streaming on Netflix.

7. Doctor Who

And you thought Supernatural had been on a long time? Watch decades of doctors this holiday season on Netflix.

8. Twin Peaks

A gone to soon series, with episodes you can take down like popcorn, watch this eerie crime drama/highly surreal series on Netflix too.

With so many hours of supernatural and sci-fi entertainment to choose from, filling your Supernatural-less days should be easy. Plus, you can always marathon the first 10 seasons...

Images: The CW; Giphy (8)