Bath & Body Works Red Velvet Cheer Is Festive But You Can Wear It Well Past The Holidays

Mmm. Red velvet cupcake is a heavenly, if trendy flavor. It's often immortalized in scent form but perhaps the best iteration is Bath & Body Works Red Velvet Cheer collection. The aroma is utterly delish — a mouth-watering mix of red velvet frosting, Christmas citrus, festive apple, hot cocoa, and winter woods. The scent is available for one week only — from Dec. 11 through 18. So you might want to stock up once you catch a whiff of these bakery-fresh products while out doing your holiday shopping.

The collection offers the standard products. You know, the Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, 3-Wick Candle, and PocketBac Hand Sanitizer.

Upon receipt, I spritzed the mist into the air and then walked through it. I wound up sniffing my hair all afternoon. The scent was intoxicating — all warm, sugary, and vanilla-y. Yes, it's a super sweet and decadent scent that has an ooey, gooey, cake batter aroma, which I like. I don't mind food-y scents at all. This is rich. But it's never cloying.

While it's festive and pretty much perfect for the cheery and chilly holiday season, you can wear this, like so many other seasonal scents, well past the holidays. The trick is layering the products so the aura lingers.

That means using the shower gel, then slathering on lotion from to top to toe, spritzing your clothes with the mist, and then refreshing throughout the day. I like that it stimulates my sweet-preferring pleasure centers without the cals!

So, when else can you wear Red Velvet Cheer?

1. Date Night

Scent is linked to memory so make sure to pump a few extra spritzes so your date will remember you and your good time together.

2. Girls Night Out

I love when I am around my female friends and inhaling their aura after a hug or while seated next to one another. When it's a group, we almost always ask each other, "What are you you wearing?" and then end up picking up the scents for ourselves. I can guarantee that will happen when I wear this.

3. Prom

Prom will be here before you know it. While this scent is incredibly festive and wintry, especially with the Santa-festooned packaging, it's still sweet and comfy enough to rock in warmer months. In fact, it might even intensify in warmer temps.

4. Really Cold Netflix Nights

Winter is upon us and with it, lots of bitter cold, snowy nights. For those evenings when you'll be holed up with Netflix, why not fill the air with the scent of melty and warm Red Velvet Cheer?

As previously noted, Red Velvet Cheer is here for just a week. Don't delay. I'm not used to B&BW scents being "hard to get" but they're tempting me with this aroma.

Images: Bath & Body Works (5)