THIS Is The Best Way To Have Morning Sex

by Laken Howard

As much fun as it is in theory, morning sex can be quite the feat. You wake up horny, but can't seem to muster the energy for a whole lot of physical exertion. For those tough moments in life, thankfully, there are some amazing morning sex positions that will save the day.

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of living with your S.O. is the ability to have sex around the clock — whether it's morning, noon, or midnight, your partner is always within arm's reach. Of course, it doesn't mean the sex will necessarily be constant. We're only human, after all. But it's nice to know that you don't have to put on pants, go outside, and take the subway just to get some action. Aside from the sheer fun of it, morning sex also has some serious benefits. It helps you start your day on a positive note, it turns your body and your brain on, and it's a spontaneous, fun treat for yourself and your partner.

Here are the six best positions for those of you who like to get frisky in the morning. Whether you're feeling a little lazy or looking to stretch your muscles and get your body up and at it, these positions will help you start your day on a very good note (read: with an orgasm). And remember that these positions work for two women as well.

1. Spooning

Obviously, this is first on the list strictly because it's the most natural position to ease into, assuming you and your partner wake up cuddling one another. Because it doesn't require a lot of effort on your or your partner's behalf, you can use this position to start things off. Once you both have, ahem, properly woken up, you can move on to bigger, better positions.

2. Missionary

This classic and underrated position is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning when you don't yet have the brain power to get more creative with your sexing. While you and your partner are rolling around in bed and bemoaning the prospect of actually getting up, you can casually transition into missionary to start your morning off on the right foot (or penis or vagina, whatever). Some might call it "boring," but missionary is classic for a reason: It gets the job done efficiently.

3. Modified Doggy

IMHO, regular doggy is a little too rough-and-tumble for a.m. sex. Instead, if you're flat on your stomach while your partner enters you from behind and leans down against your back, both of you get to relax a little while enjoying the same view/sensations of regular doggy. Bonus: There's more friction against your clitoris, and because your legs are together, everything feels tighter for your partner, too.

4. Side-By-Side

This position is pretty much just like spooning, but with you and your partner facing each other instead. More eye contact and kissing first thing in the morning — what's not to love about waking up to that kind of intimacy?! Pro tip: Add a vibrator to the mix, and place it so it buzzes both you and your partner for added sensation.

5. The Lotus

Rather than settling for traditional girl-on-top, the lotus position works well for morning sex because it doesn't require as much intense movement — it can feel great with just some subtle rocking or bouncing motions on your part. Plus, being intertwined so closely with your partner is ideal for passionate kissing and eye contact.

6. The Ankle Choker

If you're looking to use morning sex as a way to get stretched out and energized for the day to come, this position will certainly accomplish that. With your back arched and your legs up, all your muscles will get a nice workout, and your partner kneeling in front of you will also help him or her stretch out those quads as well.

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