If 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Actually Fires Carlton Gebbia, It'll Be A Dark Day

File this under "Rumors That'd Better Be False." According to RadarOnline, producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills want to fire Carlton Gebbia. Allegedly, viewers find her "extremely annoying and fake." What. I can't. I don't understand. Who are these "viewers" and what is their gosh darn damage? Gebbia is not annoying and she's arguably less fake than the other Housewives. Oh, and! She just so happens to be one of the best Beverly Hills Housewives. She's TV magic (and not just because she's a witch).

Why would producers be swayed to act on some viewers' opinions regarding Gebbia? Well, ratings are important, obviously. And there have been rumblings that Bravo isn't happy with the show's ratings. Ugh. Please don't pin low numbers on Gebbia, Bravo. Gebbia is a witch ball of sunshine. I refuse to believe she is the cause. There must be another reason for the blah ratings.

Well, guess what? Gebbia might not be the only Housewife in jeopardy. RadarOnline says there's a chance Kim Richards could be cut because of low ratings, too. WHOA. Allegedly, Kim's sister, Kyle Richards, has threatened to quit if Kim is indeed fired. WHOA. No, they are not my favorite cast members, but a RHOBH without the Sisters Richards is not RHOBH. Are you trying to destroy me with these rumors, RadarOnline?!

Okay. I can only process one maybe-firing at a time. And I've chosen to dedicate my energy to the Carlton Gebbia story. Let's take a look at some excerpts from the RadarOnline report:

[Gebbia] “hasn’t struck a chord with fans of the show this year. Producers are planning on firing her after this season."

I'm sorry, what?!?

“With ratings down, it’s absolutely essential that the show get back to its original theme."

What is the "original theme?" "Gebbia-less?" BORING THEME.

"Over-the-top lifestyles, parties and an influx of celebrities would also be good."

Hey, here's a neat idea: have celebrities AND Gebbia on the same show. They are not mutually exclusive. You can have both.

"Carlton’s witch storyline is just creepy and weird."

WRONG. It's one of the better things to happen on RHOBH.

"Viewers have sounded off on social media against Carlton, with some saying they are just grossed out by her sex room and lingerie. It’s just so forced.”


I need to calm down. Take deep breaths. Nothing is confirmed. Everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine...


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