Did Kris Just Confirm The Pronunciation Of Saint?

It's been two days since the announcement of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's son's name, but that doesn't mean it's no longer a topic of conversation. Ever since Saint West's moniker was revealed, there have been discussions regarding the pronunciation. Do you say it the English way or the French way? Would it really surprise anyone if Kimye wanted their baby boy to be called "san" just like how it's pronounced in France? Well, Kris Jenner just confirmed the pronunciation of Saint West — or so it seems.

While chatting with E! News, entertainment reporter Catt Sadler pronounced Saint like the entire world's been pronouncing it. Guess what? Jenner didn't correct her by saying, "It's 'san.'" Even though it appears Saint isn't said like it is in France, there's a slight chance Jenner didn't want to steal West and Kardashian's thunder. Maybe they want to make another reveal and tell the world in their own flashy way that they honored their love of France with Saint's name. Can you imagine if Jenner let it slip before Kimye got a chance to make the announcement themselves? Yeah, the momager would be in big trouble with her daughter and son-in-law.

With that said, I'm still convinced their baby boy's name isn't pronounced the French way. However, I soon may be sticking my foot in my mouth, because it's Kimye and they never cease to go over-the-top.

Image: kylienattors/Tumblr