How Do You Pronounce Saint West? The French Way Seems To Be Winning The Twitter Argument...

Mark it down, folks: Dec. 7, 2015 was the day when you thought the only Kardashian related problem you had was whether or not you're down with Kim Kardashian-West & Kanye West naming their baby boy Saint... and found out that you were dead wrong. You see, there's a small matter of how to pronounce Saint West. "But, Kelsea, it's a word we all know, how could we be pronouncing it incorrectly?" you may ask. I'd ask, have you considered, for a second, that both Kim & Kanye are OBSESSED with Paris? And fashion? And all things French? Have you also considered that Pete Wentz already named his kid Saint, and thus the Wests must add something more to little S.W.'s name, so as to keep their pristine legacy as posh and unique as possible? Well, it's time to start considering folks. Saint West might just be pronounced the French way, "san."

Of course, considering that Kim's only message regarding the new name was four people emojis (a Kanye emoji, a Kim emoji, a North emoji, and a Saint emoji) along with the very dramatic, all caps announcement: SAINT WEST [dramatic break] 12.05.2015 [dramatic break] 8 POUNDS, 1 OUNCE (because no baby of the Wests would dare have a birth weight that doesn't look perfect on a birth announcement).

For now, all we can do is speculate about the pronunciation (and oh man is Twitter set on speculating), but there is one reason Kanye might not want his child's name pronounced the French way, as in Yves Saint Laurent: The rapper revealed back in 2013, in an interview with BBC Radio, that he wrote the song "I Am A God" (think "hurry up with my damn croissants") about Yves Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane because Slimane said Kanye could only attend his runway show if he didn't attend others. Kanye did not like this. Now there's a song about the guy.

Then again, with all the obsessing these two have done over all things French, I doubt they'd deprive their child of a French name on account of one person who miffed Kanye once upon a time way back when... right? If I had money to gamble, I'd put my money on "san," is all I'm saying.

But until we know for sure, let the confusion rain down hard all over Twitter. It's only a matter of time before we start hearing the child's name turned into cute nicknames all over Keeping Up With The Kardashians anyway. ("Sainty?" "Sanny?")