Almost Half Of NFL Fans On OkCupid Are Women, Plus 5 Other Fun Facts

NFL fans, rejoice: OkCupid scientists have analyzed the profiles of football's biggest fans to give us some interesting stats about the . The data comes from "careful and anonymous examination" of who mentioned that they're a fan of an NFL team, so now we can all get inside the heads of superfans.

If you're really into sports, you can probably understand how difficult it is to date someone who just feels meh about them. Personally, I grew up in a non-sports-obsessed family in Kentucky (where there were no professional teams to root for anyway). So when I am browsing OkCupid profiles and come across a guy who seems only to care about sports, I automatically assume we won't really have much in common. Sure, you can like sports without having them consume your life, but there are plenty of people who are diehard fans. For me, I'm only interested in watching sports if nachos, beer, and socializing are involved.

But whether or not you consider yourself a superfan, it's still fun to know what really makes sportsy types tick. So what are NFL fans like in the bedroom and beyond? Here are six fun facts that will give you some insight into the mind of a fan, no matter what team you support.

1. They Take Their Time

Only 43 percent of NFL fans would consider sleeping with someone on a first date, compared to 50 percent of the rest of OkCupid users. The friskiest fans? Just over 51 percent of Miami Dolphins fans would sleep with someone on date number one, while Carolina Panthers fans are least likely to do so, at only 34 percent.

2. They're Not As Argumentative As You'd Think

While it might seem like diehard sports fan LOVE to argue, the OkCupid data found that only 24 percent of NFL fans said "yes" to the match question "Do you like to argue?" For comparison's sake, 29 percent of the rest of the OkC population said yes to the same question. So it seems NFL fans are actually less argumentative — color me shocked. The top three teams with argumentative fans? The Vikings, Eagles, and Raiders, respectively.

3. Women Love Football, Too (Duh)

If you think sports are a "guy thing," please think again. According to the data, almost half of football's biggest fans — 44.8 percent — are women. Further proving that those antiquated gender stereotypes have got to go.

4. Fans In Cold Climates Are Well-Read

Football fans aren't constantly glued to the screen: They love a good book every now and then, too. Apparently being stuck inside all winter is causing NFL fans from colder regions to curl up with books instead of only their TV remotes. The data found that teams in the coldest parts of the country are most likely to be well-read. And who can blame them? When there's a blizzard outside, the only thing on my mind is stretching out in front of a space heater with a good book in hand.

5. Buffalo Fans Appreciate Classic Literature

Given the data mentioned above, this makes a lot of sense: Fans from Buffalo (aka a wintry wasteland) are Shakespeare-friendly. When it came to correctly answering a Shakespeare-related question — "In the line 'Wherefore art thou Romeo?,' what does 'wherefore' mean?" — Buffalo Bills fans were ahead of the curve (even compared to the general population).

6. NFL Fans Enjoy Other Kinds Of Recreation

Namely, marijuana use. According to the data, teams on the Northeast and West coasts were more likely to have liberal attitudes about smoking weed than Southern and Midwest fans. Oakland Raiders fans are most likely to have a good relationship with pot, while Cincinnati Bengals fans are not so fond of the stuff.

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