Kris Does Festive Black Right

by Sienna Fantozzi

When you're a girl who loves wearing black, Christmas time can sometimes kind of suck. Everyone is all about the reds and greens, so you feel like a total Scrooge if you don't follow suit, but no worries, because Kris Jenner attended the Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Los Angeles, according to The Daily Mail, and wore a black dress that proved dark can still be totally festive. Thanks, Kris!

The 60-year-old momager stepped out for the event on Wednesday with actress Selma Blair, and didn't let the spirit of the season take away from her penchant for wearing black. Jenner wore a black, long-sleeved dress that hit just above her knee, and paired it with black tights and black heels. I know what you're thinking — that's a whole lot of black, but it's actually pretty festive. The dress featured black, criss-cross straps all over it, which fell below the hem of the dress, and white beaded detailing on the hem and bodice. So it was basically like a dark and twisted tree ornament. And it was so seriously cool.

It's a little weird, but given the holidays and all, the dress actually works. And she looks pretty fantastic.


I mean, I'm one of those annoying red and green people, but a dark Christmas is actually looking kind of cool.


It's so whimsical, and works with her dark hair and smoky eye makeup.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They even kind of match. Too cute.

If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional holiday party dress, shop these seven black dresses that are still festive.

1. Lace

Skater Dress; $81;

Nothing says elegant and party-perfect like lace.

2. Mesh

Plus Size Mesh Overlay Dress; $196;

A mesh overlay makes a basic LBD extra chic.

3. Scalloped

Warehouse Dress; $153;

Scalloped detailing is perfect for the holidays.

4. Animal Print

French Connection; $153;

Why have just animal print or lace when you could combine them and have both!?

5. Embroidered

BB Dakota; $98;

This dainty dress might be dark, but it's so fun and pretty.

6. Trimmed Sleeves

Soloiste; $46.80;

Choose sleeves with trimming to make things a little more festive.

7. Cape

Plus Size Cape Dress; $200;

When you're rocking something as fierce as a cape dress, no one will care what color it is.

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Images: ASOS; Nordstrom