How To Care For Nails In Winter So That Your Mani Game Stays On Point — PHOTOS

Winter has finally arrived and your skin is dry, your hair is full of static, and your nails are brittle. OK, so maybe your winter beauty blues aren't quite as bad as mine, but how to care for nails in winter has got to top the list for most people, amirite? Whether your cuticles have become super dried out, your nails are ultra brittle, or your polish is chipping, upping your nail care during the cold weather months is crucial.

While hair and makeup are usually the reigning queens of the beauty world, there's little doubt that nails and nail care have a special place in beauty lovers' hearts. One quick search for nail art on YouTube, and you'll be inundated with tutorials. Whether you're looking for some killer festive holiday nail art or a more all-encompassing look like sweater nails, your winter options are endless.

If you're looking to rock these ultra cool designs though, making sure your nails are in top shape is imperative. No one wants a look they've worked on for an hour to chip away thanks to the cold. We already know that winter is harsh on the the skin, so of course it's going to be harsh on the skin around your nail beds.

In order to better in able you to rock a festive holiday look, I'm running down how to care for nails in winter just for you.


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In order to keep your hands clear and dry skin gone, you'll need to exfoliate. Think of caring for your hands as an extension of caring for your nails. There are great natural exfoliators out there, and your skin will definitely thank you for it.


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If you've got dry skin, you already know all about this one. Keeping your skin moisturized is integral to preventing dead, cracked, or peeling skin around your nails.

Cover Up

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Keeping your nails out of the frigid winter wind is a great way to keep them well moisturized and safe.

Avoid Scented Lotions

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Lotions with fragrance can dry out your skin. That's the last thing you want for your delicate hands. Avoid scented lotions if possible, but if it's all you've got, use it because moisturizing is key.

Try A Treatment

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If your nails are currently suffering, trying a spa treatment may be a great option. Even if you haven't reached that point yet, a deeply moisturizing treatment is never a bad idea. PopSugar recommends a parafin manicure service to revive dry hands.

Take Care Of Nail Polish Chips

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If your nails have become brittle and chipped as a result of darting in and out of the cold, there's a way to fix your look without completely removing the polish. Place a small dot of remove onto the nail and smooth out the entire bed. Then, apply a new coat, and you've got perfect nails once more.


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While your skin is important, be sure to pay attention to your cuticles as well. Using vaseline or a balm to keep them in the best shape they can be.

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