7 'Scream Queens' Clues About Hester Being The Red Devil Killer That Were There From The Beginning

After weeks, it finally happened: Scream Queens revealed the identity of the Red Devil killer, finally solving the mystery that has been plaguing us for weeks. While Pete revealed that he was in cahoots with the murderers at Wallace University — but just so he could help take down the Greek system and get revenge on Chanel for embarrassing him in pure #NiceGuy fashion — he wasn't technically the second Red Devil killer. Grace was right all along about the second bathtub baby being the Red Devil killer, but never was able to deliver the justice that she so wanted. As revealed in Tuesday's episode "Final Girl(s)," Hester is the other Red Devil killer, Boone's twin, and Grace's half-sister. She's also smart enough to get away with all of her heinous crimes, and despite Grace and Zayday's suspicions, was able to convince them that she's just a red herring to the real criminals, the Chanels. (Pretty brilliant plan, no?)

Though Hester may have gotten away with murder, fans totally should have seen Hester's plan coming from the beginning. Here are just a few clues that suggested that Hester was the killer all along — and that we should have totally seen the big reveal coming:

1. Boone, The Bathtub Mom, And Hester Are All Brunettes

Does hair color mean everything? Definitely not. But when you consider that Grace and all of the Chanels have blonde hair (save for Chanel #2, who died at the hands of the Red Devil killer anyway) Hester's dark locks definitely seem like a clue.

2. Hester Never Had Alone Time With Gigi Or Boone

Grace has had many conversations with Gigi alone. Chanel spoke with Boone about joining Kappa. Chanel #3 confronted Boone when he was "a ghost." Even Chanel #5 was alone with the Red Devil in the back of her car. Hester, however, never had any solo interactions with anyone on the killer's team. Process of elimination would have proved she was the killer episodes ago.

3. She Knew About The Meat Carver

When asked why she brought a knife to cut the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner — shortly before Gigi's head was found underneath the dinner plate — Hester told Chanel that she couldn't find Ms. Bean's meat carver, which was the very thing used to turn Gigi into a side dish. Gigi spent a few minutes discussing the importance of the meat carver at the beginning of the episode, so for Hester to specifically bring it up should have been a huge red flag.

4. Her Personality Was Erratic

Sometimes she wanted to be Chanel's right-hand woman, other times she wanted to steal her boyfriend. Hester couldn't keep her personalities straight, and perhaps that's because she was juggling two completely different identities: sorority girl and psycho killer.

5. She Was A Pledge

Many people suspected that Grace was the Red Devil killer because the murders started around the same time she arrived at school. But you know who else had just arrived? Hester — and we saw a lot less of her than we did of Grace. We pretty much knew how Grace spent her time, but Hester was far more of a question mark.

6. She Was Spared By The Red Devil Killer

Remember in the pilot episode where the pledges are buried up to their necks, and Deaf Taylor Swift gets her head mowed off? People suspected that Grace was the killer because she wasn't buried, but what's more suspicious is the fact that Hester's head wasn't chomped off when the killer had the opportunity. Think about it: we know that Boone was in love with Zayday, so he wouldn't have killed her, but Hester should have been offed as well. We now know that Boone didn't kill her because she's his sister, but we could have figured that out by process of elimination.

7. She Never Talked About Her Past

We got clues to all of the new Kappa girls' home lives, or at least what they did before coming to Wallace University, which yes, sometimes included things like "candle vlogging." As for Hester? Save for her faux spinal issues, we didn't know anything about her. In fact, she revealed later that it was her intention to keep her past quiet, and that she did that by being so weird that no one wanted to ask questions.

We totally should have figured out Hester's M.O., but major props to Scream Queens for dropping tons of clues and still being able to keep us in the dark.

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