This 'AHS: Hotel' Reunion Is Surprising

Just because we now know that John Lowe is the 10 Commandments Killer doesn't mean the series still doesn't have a lot of story to tell within the confines of the Cortez. Take, for example, the fact that The Countess and Donovan are back together on AHS: Hotel . I mean, what is that all about? One minute we see her passionately kissing the love of her life, Rudolph Valentino. And then the next minute we see her back at the hotel having sex with Donovan. (Good for her, but it's still super confusing.)

And if you're thinking this was intended to be a one night fling, think again because Donovan expects her to be fully committed to him and only him this time around. And the interesting thing is that The Countess seems more than onboard with the idea. So what could've happened to lead to such a perplexing reunion? Well, that's the kicker because it seems as though they were both only pretending to want each other again.

After spotting Donovan in the hotel, Iris warns her son that The Countess knows of Ramona Royale's involvement in Bartholomew's temporary field trip outside. So it's only a matter of time before she pieces together that the three of them are in cahoots together. (Has she been hanging out with Scream Queens' Denise Hemphill, by the way?) That's when Donovan lets Iris in on the truth. He's not really back with The Countess. He's only come back into her circle of sex so that it'll easier for them to take her down. However, that turned out to be an outright lie at the end and resulted in him double crossing Ramona instead because he really did believe The Countess wanted him back. (You're pretty, Donovan, but very stupid.)

For her part, The Countess seems to have a vendetta of her own as well. She was clearly faking her feelings for Donovan (I'm guessing she just wanted his help in caging her former enemies) and has a much bigger game plan in mind. The only problem with said plan, though, is that Donovan followed The Countess to her romantic rendezvous with Rudolph Valentino, so he knows once and for all that her re-commitment to him wasn't legit. He was being used and he knows it, which I'm sure he won't let go unpunished. This betrayal will come back to bite The Countess — perhaps quite literally.

So if you were hoping that these two crazy virus-vamps would be able to work things out, you couldn't have been more wrong. A war is brewing and may result in quite the bloody showdown.

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX