Rayna & Deacon Are Engaged On 'Nashville,' But Will They Make It Down The Aisle?

Nashville’s power couple is making it official, y’all! No, I’m not talking about Scarlett and Gunnar (blech) or Avery and Juliette (they are divorced so they would technically be making it official again). I’m obviously talking about Rayna and Deacon. After 20 years of history, a serious struggle with addiction, a bad car accident, a tragic death, and more, Deacon finally proposed to Rayna in the Season 4 winter finale of Nashville . It was a sweet moment, but the road to get there in this episode was pretty traumatic.

They’ve already gotten through all of the things I just mentioned (also, they have a daughter together, natch), but this Markus Keen character is really throwing Rayna and Deacon for a loop. Markus somehow thought that because Rayna was spending all this time in the studio with him that she was interested in him, when really she was just doing her joba s his producer. When it was revealed that his album was shooting up the charts, he took her up to a rooftop, poured her a glass of champers, and laid a big, fat kiss on her. Not cool, dude, especially after Rayna specifically sat you down and told you it wasn’t going to happen.

When Deacon got wind of all of this, his jealousy flared up, because what’s a Nashville episode without an angry or sad Deacon Claybourne, amirite? At this point, he already had the ring to propose to Rayna, but he was having doubts because he didn’t know if he could trust her. Really, Deacon? You guys get through everything you have and you can’t handle someone hitting on Ranya? Get real. Deacon tried to make Rayna choose between him and her label, and she was having none of that. She called him selfish and he deserved it.

Deacon eventually came to his senses and admitted that he was jealous of Markus because that used to be him and Rayna — in the studio, making music, sharing themselves in a way that many other people don’t. They made up, and he proposed to her, saying he wouldn’t change a thing about them, except for not marrying her sooner. But will they make it to the aisle? The promos for the spring premiere (on March 16, aka a decade from now) make it seem like they’ll get married, but I have a feeling something has to go wrong before they do. It’s the Nashville way.

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