Will Alex Die On 'AHS: Hotel'? "She Gets Revenge" Hints At A Grim Outcome

Remember back in the days when someone getting killed off of a TV show was considered big news? Well, that's not exactly how it works at the Hotel Cortez or really just American Horror Story in general. Death isn't just common on this show — it's expected. And not just for one character either. By the end of a season at least three major bloodbaths have ensued. So when I tell that I think there's a good chance that Alex could die on AHS: Hotel , I don't expect you to be all that surprised. In fact, I'd be downright worried if you were. No, what I'd be more interested about is who would be the one to kill her in the first place. And judging by the promo for next week's AHS: Hotel episode "She Gets Revenge," I'd say we have more than one possible suspect on the list.

First we see Alex standing over the body of what looks to be a dead little girl, right before one of those creepy vampire boys attacks her with a sharp weapon. (Seriously, will anyone want kids after watching this season? Creepy killer children are THE WORST.) Then, later on, we see John Lowe (who was MIA this week for some reason) demanding to know where his wife is, to which Mr. March responds by saying, "I find spouses to be a distraction." Is it possible that March will actually convince John to kill his wife?

We've seen firsthand just how influential March can be to John. After all, he played a very big part in making him the 10 Commandments Killer 2.0. So will he take his protege farther into the darkness than ever before by manipulating him into killing the woman that he still clearly loves, even amid all of his madness? It seems entirely possible. (But then again, what doesn't seem possible on this show?) And, of course, there's always the possibility that — if John doesn't given in — March will do the deed himself. (Killing is kind of his thing.)

Either way, things are looking pretty bleak for Alex at this point. She may want to start sleeping in that coffin of hers with one eye open.

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Image: Ray Mickshaw/FX