The Countess Has Big 'AHS' Plans For Rudolph

The Hotel Cortez may be full of liars and killers, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a love story buried way underneath all of the bloodshed. And I think it's clear by now that the romance between The Countess and Rudolph on AHS: Hotel is something very special indeed. So special, in fact, that his return into her life seems to be something that's been a long time in the making. All season long we've wondered why all the men on American Horror Story: Hotel look alike. We later learned that it had something to do with The Countess' creator, but we didn't know just how deep the reasoning went. You see, The Countess has big plans for Rudolph and I have a theory as to where it's all leading.

When The Countess reunited with Rudolph, she explained to him how she's been filling her loneliness with poor look-alike substitutes, slowly biding her time and paving the way for when/if they were ever to be reunited. So I'm wondering if The Countess has been using these handsome men not just because they remind her of Rudolph, but because she thinks it would make it easier for him to assume their identities.

Let's not forget that Rudolph Valentino was a very well known and beloved actor back in the day, so it would definitely draw attention if he were to suddenly reemerge into society. Thanks to the internet, people would have all of his movies at their fingertips (in the words of Ramona Royale, "THANKS, HULU!") and a simple Google search would reveal that he's supposed to have been dead for many, many years. It's hard to go unnoticed in this day and age, so it would make sense that The Countess would want him to impersonate someone else. So why not one of the men that she's been collecting throughout the years? It's the perfect set up!

And now that Will Drake is dead (or as dead as can be expected on this show, RIP), The Countess may finally be able to set that plan in motion. Something tells me, though, that her happily ever after won't last as long as she hopes.

Image: Prashant Gupta/FX