22 Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

It's that time of year again — no, not Christmas or Hanukkah — Secret Santa gifting season! Secret Santa can be super fun, but finding funny Secret Santa gifts under a certain price point can be, uh, super stressful. Add in the fact that you most likely don't know the person whose name you pulled for Secret Santa very well, and shopping can seem kinda like a nightmare. Although Pinterest has some decent DIY gift ideas, you want to give something that the recipient can use, or at least get a laugh from. After all, laughter is always the best present, and it doesn't have to cost you that much.

Most Secret Santa exchanges cap the gift off at about $20, so I have rounded up the best — and OK, possibly craziest — things on the Internet to give someone anonymously (although you are totally going to want to take credit for these lil' gems). Whether you are doing a Secret Santa exchange with your coworkers at the office party, or with your friends and family at a holiday gathering, here are 22 gifts under $20 that won't break the bank, and are pretty much guaranteed to give your Secret Santa a chuckle.

1. A Selfie Stick

For the friend who literally posts 38 different angles a day.

Selfie Stick, $10, Bed Bath and Beyond

2. A Hedgehog Calendar

For that friend who forgets every coffee date... or just likes adorable baby animals.

Calendar, $15, ModCloth

3. I Need A Hug Tote

For those days when Edgar Allan Poe is just the only one who gets it, you know? Perfect for anyone who prides their slightly morbid sense of humor.

I Need A Hug Tote, $12.99, Etsy

4. A Liquor Bottle Lock

This one might be a little NSFW, but your Secret Santa recipient will never lose their booze again at a party, and for that they will thank you.

Liquor Bottle Lock, $10, Bed Bath and Beyond

5. Sassy Socks

Because, sometimes, you just have to raise a little hell.

Socks, $10, Blue Q

6. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

...Because we all know one.

Cat Lady Figures, $13, Amazon

7. A ~*Generous*~ Wine Glass

Perfect for the wine lover in your life who really can't get enough.

Wine Glass, $17, Bed Bath and Beyond

8. A Baby Container Of Sriracha

Put some spice into your friend's life.

Sriracha Bottle, $6, Sriracha 2 Go

9. Bacon-Opoly

Your weekly office game night just got way more fun.

Bacon-Opoly, $14.99, Marshalls

10. A Hand Unicorn

~*So Majestic*~

Hand Unicorn, $8, Urban Outfitters

11. Bacon Body Wash

Yes, this exists. Yes, there's also bacon-flavored toothpaste and dental floss to go along with it.

Bacon Body Wash, $12, Amazon

12. Cat Coasters

What every responsible homeowner needs!

Coasters, $5, Etsy

13. Car Decal

T-Rex doesn't trifle with your stick fam.

Decal, $3, Amazon

14. Nutella Spreader

Congratulations, you win Secret Santa, and you hardly spent any money.

Nutella Spreader, $3, Nutella USA

15. Furry Slippers (But Like, Really Furry)

Your friend's feet will never be cold again.

Furry Slippers, $10, Amazon

16. An Educational Book

Bonus points if they actually test their cat.

Book, $4, Amazon

17. A Literal Pound Of Cereal Marshmallows

For that friend who REALLY loves the charms in Lucky Charms.

Pound of Marshmallows, $12, Amazon

18. This Terrifying Bank


Bank, $18, Amazon

19. A Fondue Mug

For cheese-dipping on the go, because, who doesn't want to eat fondue in their cubicle?

Fondue Mug, $15, Fancy

20. Boyfriend Pillow

A little creepy? Yes. Perfect for Secret Santa? Also yes.

Boyfriend Pillow, $18, Amazon

21. A Fun Mug

For the coffee lover.

Funny Mug, $16, Etsy

22. And For The Naughty Person On Your List...


Coal soap, $7, Etsy

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Image: writingfyeah/Etsy