Gigi Hadid Goes All Sporty-Chic On Us

Sporty or chic — it really doesn’t matter because this woman can do it all. I mean, she doesn't even really have to choose because she can wear both styles at the same time if she wants. Gigi Hadid wore leather lace-up leggings because she really can pull off any look. This super femme fatal kind of thing she had going on was toned down by the Adidas sneakers she decided to pair with the leggings. This only further proves that when it comes to styling — this girl knows what she’s doing.

I’m loving her major comfy-chic vibe, and what makes this outfit even greater is the fact that it’s not hard to replicate. I love when celebs wear clothing that’s not out of reach for the rest of us, and Hadid sports wearable pieces time and time again. Sure, her items are probably designer, but they’re still easy to find cheaper versions of, and you’ve got to love that. I know I do!

Whether you’re hoping to channel her vibe by opting for a little leather, lace-up ties or a combination of both, there are plenty of leggings that you can shop. Then, all you have to do is throw on a pair of sneakers, and you’ve got an Hadid-style off-duty look. And that’s pretty much what all of us are striving for anyways, right?

I'm in love with this outfit.

1. Leather & Lace-Up

Coated Lace Up Back Legging, $63, ASOS

These are nearly identical to Hadid's, except these lace-up on the back instead of the front for a super sexy look.

2. Lace-Up Jean

Tripp Lace-Up Skinny Jean, $47.98, Torrid

These lace-up skinny jeans are so sassy.

3. All-Laced Up

Lace Up Front Legging, $37.50, ASOS

You'd nail Hadid's style in these.

4. A Little Lace

Legging With Lace-Up Hem, $33, ASOS Curve

In case you're looking for just a touch of that laced-up feel.

5. A Whole Lotta Leather

Faux Leather Legging, $17.90, Forever 21+

You're going to be one bad B rocking some leather leggings and sneakers. Bow down!

6. Laced-Up From Hips To Hem

Mauvais Garcon Lace-Up Leggings, $105, Nasty Gal

Are these a dead-ringer for Hadid's or what?

Do Hadid proud, and get out there and strut your stuff in any of these stylish leggings.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (6)