14 Pairs Of Non-Boring Black Tights

If I had the wardrobe of my dreams, I'd have a different closet for each season. But alas, since reality is very much a thing, my pieces have to be transitional. Enter: the non-boring black tights that not only take my summer dresses into winter, but warm me up in the process, too.

Don't get me wrong — I love me a classic black tight, especially for work or formal events. Nobody got time for goosebumps. While we're at it, can we take a stand against the whole fashion before comfort thing? I've spent way too many miserable nights shivering in the cold, swearing that I'll never go out again. Can we all collectively decide that dressing for practicality trumps all?

Perhaps one of the biggest issues I have with fall/winter is losing practically half my wardrobe. But thanks to layering, big coats, and said black tights, you can pretty much wear any summer item in the fall/winter as well. Except maybe for your bikini (though, if I'm being honest, I've worn bikini bottoms/tops in lieu of underwear/bras when laundry day is way, way overdue).

But when I'm trying to add a lil flavor to my look, I immediately go for an extra detail. And, since wearing black on black on black is pretty much my uniform, different patterns and textures make a world of a difference. When I'm running off to a party (hello, NYE), the first item I form my entire outfit around is a fun pair of tights. If you're with me on this one, check out some of my favorite pairs.

1. The Graphic Print

Jonathan Aston Patterned Tights, $23,

Who would've thought these Lego-looking shapes would work well on tights?

2. The Open Knit

Wolford Adelia Open Knit-Pattern Sheer Tights, $72,

Almost a fishnet, these tights will liven up a faux leather pencil skirt.

3. Starry Eyed

Torrid Star Back Tights, $16.50,

Love that you only see this detail while you're walking away...

4. Gettin' Wavy

Wolford Wave-Pattern Sheer Tights, $67,

These are perfect if you're into the less-opaque look.

5. Polka Dot

Pretty Polly Plus Size Spotty Mock Suspender Tights, $25,

For when you're feelin' extra sexy.

6. Light Bondage

Strappy To Be Here Tights, $14.99,

Your tights, like your shoes, can also be super strappy.

7. Victorian-Inspired

Commando Deco Fishnet Tights, $38,

It's like artwork for your legs!

8. Graphic Print

Oroblu Milena Geometric Sheer Tights, $24,

Bringing me straight back to my math class days...

9. Animal Print

Plus Size Berkshire Leopard Lace Tights, $14,

Let your inner roar out.

10. Metallics

ASOS CURVE Metallic Rib Tights, $14.33,

Add a little sparkle to any look with these metallic tights.

11. Glitter & Polka Dot

Glitter And Polka Dot Tight, $16,

Is there a better combination? I say no.

12. For Floral Lovers

Spanx Stunning Roses Tights, $32,

Love how edgy, yet feminine these look.

13. Ice Ice Baby

Plus Size Rhinestone Back Tights, $12.50,

I love a good bling here and there.

14. Extreme Fishnet

Look From London Rihanna Fishnet Tights, $30,

So obsessed with the crackled look of these fishnet tights.

Always remember: Standing out is in the details. The easiest way to liven up a wardrobe staple (i.e., the LBD) is to add your own edgy touch to it. Avoid freezing your buns off and look like the coolest chick in the room with these statement tights.

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Images: Courtesy of brands