Check Out Justin Bieber's Huge New Tattoo

Stop the presses, call your parents, batten down the hatches. Justin Bieber got a new tattoo. What of? Well, as his Instagram picture of the new adornment shows, it’s a sketch of massive angel wings on his neck. A brazen move, in my humble opinion, but if he digs it, that’s all that matters. It isn’t my body to judge. That said, though, I think there were a few more timely tattoos Biebs could have gotten before he went with the angel wings. Especially considering the fact that he's had a lot going on personally and career-wise as of late that he could have chosen to commemorate instead.

I feel like I need to get my Bieber tattoo ideas out into the open for his eyes to see and heart to feel. It’s clear to me that the singer has been feeling some type of way, as evidenced by his Instagram posts. And, no, I don’t mean just about a very certain special someone. Though, let’s be real, she is a huge part of it.

So, in honor of the things that clearly mean a lot to him, here are seven other tattoos Bieber could have gotten instead of inking those big wings on his neck.


Yay or nay?

2. Or Maybe Just A Canadian Flag With The Circulating Hearts Emoji?

Seems more demure.

3. A Portrait Of Selena Gomez

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To remember her by as she (allegedly) dates Niall Horan.

4. A Replica Of One Of Bieber's Jelena Instagram Throwbacks

It'd be intricate, but since he's proud of them, why not endure the time and pain for it, you know?

5. Maybe Just The Word "Jelena"

I think simple is sometimes better.

6. A Preemptive, Universal "Sorry" For Everything

I'd appreciate the tongue-in-cheek nature of it.

7. A Sketch Of A Private Jet

'Cause he loves them so much.

If he gets any of these tattooed on his body next, you know who was responsible. ;)

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