Gigi Hadid & Olivia Palermo Wore The Same Dress

So Olivia Palermo and Gigi Hadid wore the same dress a day apart, and I have got to get something off my chest before we continue. Palermo and Hadid's outfit prompted all the "Who Wore It Better" posts you'd expect. All I want for Christmas is to never see another "Who Wore It Better" post in my life, because lots of other feminists and I are so over the cultural narrative that pits women against each other. I think we can all agree that if both Hadid and Palermo wanted to wear this Self-Portrait maxi dress, then by golly should they both be able to wear it without unwittingly entering into a competition with somebody who might be on the other side of the country. And lo and behold, they did, and they both look fantastic. Now, moving on.

Although they might have started off with the same dress, Hadid and Palermo wore it to different events in very different climates. Hadid donned the military inspired maxi dress for a taping of LIVE With Kelly and Michael in New York, while Palermo took hers to the red carpet, attending the Audemars Piguet's Rodeo Drive boutique opening in Beverly Hills. Hadid accessorized with a long and enviably warm-looking camel coat, while Palermo, far less likely to freeze to death in California, eschewed outerwear for a simple clutch.

(On a side note, I'd kind of love to see Hadid rock a lob for real.)

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We've already written about Self-Portrait, the design house that produced the dress, for its red carpet-worthy designs and surprisingly doable price point. Hadid and Palermo's silky dress actually falls outside the brand's usual aesthetic — they're better known for their sheer paneling and lace overlays, which I personally adore. If you're in the market for a high-end maxi or midi dress to wear this winter without the high price, you're in luck: Self-Portrait has plenty to offer. Be prepared to layer, though, because sheer paneling and lace really do abound in this collection.

Sheer Paneled Maxi Dress

Sheer Striped Intarsia Dress In Dark Green, £230,

If you live in an area with mild winters, this sweater dress would be plenty warm.

The Warmest of Them All

Longline Knitted Dress, £220,

This is the warmest-looking dress that Self-Portrait has to offer. It also scores major points for looking so darn comfortable.

Crocheted Maxi

Pleated Floral Crochet Floral Maxi Dress, £320,

Would this not be perfect with a motorcycle jacket layered on top?

Rock A Split Front

Lace Up Trimmed Split Front Dress, £320.00,

Palermo could totally wear this in Beverly Hills. Hadid would just freeze, though I'm sure she'd look very modelesque doing so.

Peplum Midi

Lace-Up Peplum Midi Dress, £285,

Another wintry dress perfectly suited for climates that never drop below freezing.

Lacy Midi

Ava Midi Dress, £130,

I think you could survive a few hours in snow if you layered this with thermal tights and a coat. I also have never seen more than four inches of snow in my life, so take that advice as you will.

Something Layer-able

Long Line Shirt Dress, £80,

Is layerable not a word? It should be, because it perfectly describes pieces such as this one. It's a great basic piece that could easily be dressed up or down, and did I mention it's on sale?

Images: Self Portrait (7)