How To Wear Mini Skirts In The Winter

Mini skirts might conjure up beach parties and serious spring break action, but you're totally missing out if you've limited mini skirts to only warm weather. You can absolutely rock mini skirts in the winter — the secret lies in picking thick fabrics and layering. Just because it's below freezing outside doesn't mean your legs shouldn't see the sun!

I first came across the idea of wearing mini skirts in cold weather not in Manhattan last winter, but Japan the year before. I was in Tokyo during January, and girls everywhere were wearing mini skirts with their big puffy coats and winter hats. (Say what?!) Weren't they freezing? But once my Japanese pals took me shopping, I realized the mini skirts all those cute girls were rocking happened to be made of super cozy and warm materials and not just denim.

I've been hooked on wearing mini skirts in winter ever since, and love how they make my outfit feel a little brighter even if the sky is totally gray and overcast. They remind me that spring is around the corner and do, in fact, keep me completely warm as long as I layer them properly with tights when necessary.

Though I can't take you to Japan to get the exact same mini skirts I discovered, I've scouted out some amazing options that are only a keyboard click away.

1. Flowy Wool

Wool Mini, $59, Etsy

When you reach for wool, you know it's going to be exceptionally toasty.

2. Suede (Plus)

Suede A-Line, $99, ASOS

Suede is a classic winter material and looks so irrefutably chic no matter what you pair it with.

3. Fleece Ultra Mini

Fleece Mini, $30, Uniqlo

Fleece and down combine to make this one hot mini!

4. Vintage Felt

Red Wrap Mini, $28, Etsy

This would be a retro dream paired with black tights and kitten heels.

5. Fringed Flannel

Fringed Flannel, $69, ASOS

OK, the fringe just looks cool, but the flannel will keep you extra bundled.

6. Cozy Knit

Cozy Knit, $48, Etsy

How hipster cute is this knit mini?!

7. Pencil Mini

Pencil Mini, $30, Uniqlo

Need just a pinch more length than a traditional mini this winter? Reach for this pencil version made with down.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands