On 'Jane The Virgin' Luisa's Mom Could Be Mutter

Oh, Luisa. It hasn't been an easy couple of years for you, has it? Somewhere in between impregnating the wrong woman, having an affair with her father's wife (and drug lord) Sin Rostro, and getting kidnapped, she has learned that her mother might still be alive. Luisa thought her mother committed suicide when she was a child, but recent developments have suggested that Luisa's mom is not dead on Jane the Virgin . In fact, there's even evidence pointing to the fact that Luisa's mom is Mutter, a crime lord. Basically, Luisa has a lot to put in her holiday newsletter this year.

Luisa's mom has been kind of a hush topic on Jane the Virgin until now. I can't really blame the writers for not saying much about her, since there are, like, nine billion other things happening on this show to keep track of. But, Luisa's having a major moment on Jane, and her mother might be to thank for that. After Luisa realized that her mother's suicide wasn't well-investigated, she called for her casket to be opened, only to find it to be empty. So, it seems like Luisa's mother could be alive and well. And by "alive and well," I mean that she could be a crime lord that is the arch nemesis of Sin Rostro.

Here's what we know about Luisa's mother, just incase she's actually putting the "mother" in Mutter.

She Allegedly Died When Luisa Was Young

Luisa and Rafael don't have the same mother. Luisa's mother, Mia Evelyn Alver, supposedly killed herself in 1983, when Luisa was very young.

The Evidence Of Her Suicide Is Weak

After Wesley dug into the Solano family past, he talked Luisa into believing that her mother's death wasn't very well-investigated. Luisa and Rafael's father covered up the "suicide" for press reasons, which made Luisa even more skeptical. She called for her mother's casket to be opened, and didn't find a body.

She Might Be Mutter

We've been hearing a lot about crime lord Mutter. Mutter is probably responsible for kidnapping Luisa to get Sin Rostro's attention. The evidence that Luisa's motheris Mutter is almost obvious. The English translation for the German word "mutter" is mother. MOTHER.

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