A Classy Christmas Movie Night How-To

One of myy favorite things to do to celebrate Christmas is to pretend I’m way classier than I actually am. I put away the shot glasses and sweatpants and try to channel some behavior my grandmother would approve of — my grandmother who always wore skirts and always threw the best classy holiday parties, that is. They were legendary in my family, something my mom remembers from when she was young. At these parties, the dishes were always full of olives, the martini glasses were always chilled on ice, and there was all the red lipstick a '50s housewife could handle. Thankfully, there are plenty of nostalgic Christmas movies these days that bring me right back into that world of class and charisma that my grandmother inhabited so incredibly.

So, once a holiday season I try to plan a night with a bit more class to it. I pull out my grandmother’s dress and the silver-rimmed wine glasses that once belonged to my boyfriend’s grandparents, and I put on any movie that is black and white and has musical numbers. Honestly, throughout the years, this type of night has become more than just something silly I do when I’m super bored in the days leading up to Christmas — now, it’s something that I really look forward to.

So if you want to throw a classy Christmas movie night, here is everything that you need to do to prepare.

1. Curl Your Hair

Hot rollers are what I use because I’m impatient and I can start drinking while they set, but pin curls, a curling iron, or even a straightener would do the trick.

2. Pull Out Your Best Costume Jewelry

Bonus points if you can find clip-on earrings like your grandmother used to wear. You know, the ones she would always pull off in one motion and set on the table before answering the phone.

3. Apply Red Lipstick

All the red lipstick in the world. Keep it classy: Avoid shades that are too pink, brown, or purple.

4. Use Your Fanciest Glasses

If you use jelly jars to drink out of on the regular, take a trip to the Goodwill. That place always has old-timey glasses for a total steal. I once found these adorable sundae dishes for $0.50 a pop. Proudest purchase ever.

5. Put Out Salty Snacks

Cashews, olives, and small pickles that you can eat with a toothpick — all integral.

6. Prepare A Cocktail Station

Every classy '50s housewife had a proper bar, but just in case you don’t, a small corner of shelf space will do. Some necessities: Ice, fancy glasses (see above), vodka, and gin.

7. Pick The Right Movie

I’m a stalwart when it comes to holiday movies (I insist we watch the same ones every year), so there may be some classic Christmas movies that are more important to you than the ones that are important to me. But just in case you’re searching for classic Christmas movies, some of my go-tos are White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life. In my opinion, they really are the best.

And there you have it. The perfect classy Christmas movie night. Who knew that all it took to be classy was a little lipstick, some salty snacks, and some strong booze?

Image: Liberty Films; Giphy (7)