These Christmas Movie Theories Are Gamechangers

'Tis this season to theorize about what was really going on in your favorite Christmas movies. One reddit user, Tibbsy, kicked off the holiday season with an Elf fan theory that is going to ensure you never look at Buddy the same way again. Don't worry, this isn't one of those "everyone was dead the whole time" theories, it's much cheerier. Tibbsy posits that Buddy is actually a superhuman, or more likely a mutant elf whose sole mission is to save Christmas. But what about that whole storyline where Buddy goes to New York City to find his father you ask? It's a clever ruse concocted by Santa and his elves. Buddy was actually created by them to fend off the evil South Pole elves who are trying to destroy Christmas. It makes a surprising amount sense when Tibbsy explains it.

This is just one of many fan theories involving Christmas classics that would turn the movies' worlds upside down. Love Actually, It's A Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas — no Christmas classic can escape fan theories. Sure, these theories are usually far-fetched, but they are also undeniably intriguing. Each theory creates a new way to look at an old favorite, and suggests there is more going on in your average Christmas movie than lessons on love, friendship, and believing in Santa.

1. Buddy Is A Mutant Elf, Elf

Reddit user Tibbsy's theory is intricate to say the least. By pointing out Buddy's feats of strength including hauling a Christmas tree through New York City unseen, decorating all of Macy's flawlessly in one night, and walking from the North Pole to New York City with no assistance or injuries, the Reddit user creates an undeniable picture of Buddy as either a human with super strength or a mutated elf created by Santa. Either that or Buddy's all sugar diet leads to super strength and agility instead of rotten teeth.

2. Mia Is A Demon, Love Actually

Remember Mia, the secretary who Harry gets far too flirtatious with and ends up ruining his marriage in the process? A TV Tropes theory suggests Mia is actually a demon engaged in a battle of good versus evil with Rowan Atkinson's Rufus. Think about it: Rufus is quite angelic in the way he helps Sam make his airport declaration of love, and he also seems to be trying to keep Harry from purchasing the gift for Mia which causes his marriage to fall apart. Meanwhile, Mia comes to a holiday party dressed as the devil... it adds up.

3. Mary's Wish Dooms George, It's A Wonderful Life

This eerie theory from Reddit user truncatedchronologis would mean It's A Wonderful Life is a horror movie. Go back to the scene where Mary and George throw rocks at the window of the Granville House. George speaks his wish out loud and it never comes true, but Mary keeps her wish — which is almost certainly to marry George and live together in the Granville House — a secret. Her wish comes true, but did she inadvertently doom George to never leave Bedford Falls in an accidental "Monkey's Paw" style twist?

4. Kevin Grew Up To Be Saw's Jigsaw, Home Alone

Remember, I'm not ruining everything you love, Grantland writer Jason Concepcion is. Concepcion wrote an incredibly detailed article pointing to a cadre of reasons why little Kevin could have grown up to be the psychopath Jigsaw including a proclivity for walking his victims into complex traps, violent fantasies, and a smoking gun in Kevin's basement you have to see to believe.

5. All Of Tim Burton's Movies Are Connected To The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is no denying Tim Burton's films all share a similar aesthetic, but are they all part of a larger interconnected world? Tumblr user screennamemissing thinks so, and they have some pretty solid evidence. The most intriguing part is the idea that the events in Frankenweenie and The Corpse Bride lead directly to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which includes overlapping characters and one suspiciously undead dog in Zero.

6. Daniel Is In Love With Karen, Love Actually

Over on Buzzfeed, Jen Lewis discovered a secret love story in Love Actually . It is established in the very beginning that Daniel and Karen are best friends, but is it possible that Daniel was actually in love with his married BFF? Totally possible when you consider he meets his "true love" Claudia Schiffer who plays Carol and then calls her "Karen."

7. Rudolph Is A Girl, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

According to science, this one totally holds up. The glowing nose and winter antlers are both traits of female reindeer. Canon says Rudolph is a boy, but the story is also one of misfits. I'm not ruling anything out.

8. Kevin's Mom Made A Deal With The Devil To Get Home, Home Alone

As if it wasn't bad enough that her son grew up to be Jigsaw, Kevin's mom probably made a deal with the devil to get back home to Chicago. Reddit user drewgarr points out Kevin's mom is at a crossroads when she says she would sell her soul to the devil to get home to her son. Enter John Candy as Gus Polinski who offers Kevin's mother a ride, and likes the devil's favorite type of instrument, the wind instrument.

9. The Hobo Is Actually A Ghost Who Died On The Train, The Polar Express

It was hinted that the mysterious hobo on top of the train is a ghost, but as one Reddit user points out, this is one theory that is actually confirmed via a deleted scene. The Conductor reveals the hobo died when he collided with the top of Flat Top Tunnel. Merry Christmas, kids!

10. Bernard Was The Previous Santa's Son, The Santa Clause

Your Christmas movie crush and mine, Bernard made The Santa Clause movies worth watching, but did he have a tragic backstory? The wife of Reddit user thatsnomoon87's theory is Bernard's grumpiness is linked to a tragic backstory: the Santa Claus who Tim Allen replaced was his father. That would explain why he was the one who gave little Charlie the snow globe so he could always see his father. Here you go, have some tissues.

11. Everyone In Halloween Town Is Dead, A Nightmare Before Christmas

This popular Tumblr theory suggest all the citizens of Halloweentown died tragic deaths that led to them ending up in the town, and each death ties in to their personality traits. This begs the question though, if all the residents of Halloweentown died seemingly violent deaths, does the type of death a person experience factor into which holiday town you land in? And if so, who are the lucky folks in Christmas Town?

Now that you can no longer look at any of your Christmas favorites the same way again, happy holiday movie viewing!

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