Let Olivia Culpo Inspire Your Metallic Wares

Whether you’re wanting more of an on-duty or off-duty feeling, dressing the part of a glamorous model is always a good choice. Olivia Culpo wore a metallic dress in a behind the scenes Instagram post because she knows fashion on and off-set. She happened to be taking a snack break in her downtime, because she’s no different than the rest of us. Got a free second? Must eat potato chips. That’s my mindset, at least, and I know I can’t be the only one.

While I was able to relate to this funny Insta post, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful gold dress, even though that wasn’t exactly the point of the photo. What can I say? I’m easily distracted by clothing. Especially the shiny pieces, you know? And as far as metallic dresses go — this one was on-point, and it was giving me all sorts of holiday dress inspiration.

Whether you’re into gold, silver, copper, whatever the case metallic clothing is great to wear all holiday season long. Take a style cue from Culpo, and then shop some shiny pieces for yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming of a bright Christmas, and there’s no better way to achieve that than through these metallic wares.

Don't you just love that gold dress? It's so perfectly festive.

1. Silver Jumpsuit

Metallic Jumpsuit, $99, Free People

This dressy number is great for a NYE party.

2. Gilded In Gold

Plus Size Gold Shimmer Pencil Skirt, $24.99, Charlotte Russe

This skirt offers all of the glitz and the glam you could ever need.

3. Copper Knit Skirt

Metallic Knit Skirt, $17.90, Forever 21+

If you're more of a copper kind of gal, this skirt is for you.

4. Subtle Shimmer Dress

Shift Dress In Crinkle Metallic, $90, ASOS

Sometimes just a little shimmer will do.

5. Metallic Sweater Dress

Stripe 'Em Down Metallic Dress, $78, Nasty Gal

I'm all about a dress that's going to keep you warm and festive.

6. Oil Slick Romper

Metallic Surplice Skirted Romper, $49, Urban Outfitters

I love how shiny this is.

7. Form-Fitting Metallic Dress

Metallic Sheath Dress, $22.90, Forever 21+

Shine like a brand new penny in this number.

The star on the top of the tree doesn't have to be the brightest thing in the room, ya feel me?

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)