Is 'Mike & Molly' Cancelled? Season 6 May Be Its Last — REPORT

Fans might be seeing a lot more of Melissa McCarthy on the big screen soon. According to McCarthy's TV co-star Rondi Reed, CBS has reportedly cancelled Mike & Molly . The show's upcoming sixth season, set to begin airing Jan. 7, will allegedly be its last. In a Facebook post on Sunday, Reed (who plays McCarthy's mom on the show) wrote, "The network has its reasons, and I will not get into a debate, discussion, or campaign to get them to change their minds. Other venues were explored by WB and Bonanza Productions (Chuck Lorre) after CBS announced their intentions, but did not turn up a future for our show." Bustle has reached out to CBS for comment, but hasn't heard back at this time.

In the post, Reed also expressed gratitude to the fans for the support, and wrote she and her castmates have been aware of Mike & Molly's alleged fate for a few weeks now. If the post is true, it's not a major surprise. The romantic comedy from The Big Bang Theory and Mom mastermind Chuck Lorre has been a solid performer for CBS since it began, and even earned McCarthy an Emmy in 2011, but ratings started to slide in recent years despite McCarthy's growing star power. And considering that Season 6's 22 episode order was trimmed to 13, it's not too much of a shock to hear that cancellation could potentially be next.

While, if true, this is sad news for the cast, crew, and anyone who loves the comedy, it might be the best possible thing for McCarthy's blossoming big screen career. Just this week, the actress earned a Golden Globe nomination for her hit summer movie Spy, and she has the all-female Ghostbusters remake coming up in 2016. It's been a treat being able to see McCarthy on TV every week, but there is something undeniably enticing about the idea of the actress being free to take on even more roles going forward.

Meanwhile, Mike & Molly will have six seasons worth of sitcom goodness to show for itself if it does truly come to an end this season. Even once it's over, the comedy will live on in syndication and likely continue to find new fans for years to come. Saying goodbye to your favorite shows is never easy, but it's always better to go out on a high note. Besides, why it's certainly sad to know that the silliness of Mike & Molly might soon come to an end, I am sure McCarthy and the rest of the talented cast have plenty of amazing projects in their futures.

Image: Trae Patton/CBS