Adele Debuts Short Haircut On 'X Factor' & The Internet Is Already Obsessed — PHOTOS

Hello, Adele, it's me, calling to tell you that I adore your new bob. Judging from her appearance on Britain's X Factor, it seems that Adele cut her hair into a much shorter, messy bob that looks so incredibly chic. I mean, as if her signature red lips and perfect liner weren't enough, she just added a new facet to her look that the Internet is already freaking out about (even though she only just revealed the new 'do on Sunday evening).

Adele is taking us on an emotional roller coaster, and she probably knows it. First, she released "Hello" and had people everywhere missing their exes, and their even-more-ex exes, and feeling the feels for people they haven't even met yet. Don't know what a broken heart feels like? Watch the heartbreaking music video. I dare you not to cry. Then, she previewed another song, "When We Were Young," on 60 Minutes. And then finally, Adele released her album 25 on Nov. 20, which has since sold over five million copies.

Keeping things on a high note, the singer then released her hilarious impersonation video on BBC, in which she pretended to be Jenny, an Adele impersonator. And the Internet fell more and more in love with this beautiful human. She's back, baby! And she's not done with her surprises just yet.

In a sparkly dress, bold brows, and glossy lips, Adele showed off her gorgeous cut.

And naturally, Adele fans are losing their minds. Because, well, she looks amazing, and it's definitely a big change from the signature look she's been rocking all these years.

Yep, it's safe to say Adele's new look is a success, just like her latest album. Although some might consider a bob a summer cut, I'm totally digging the chop. With the new year coming up, why not try out a new look? Let's see how many people go for the "Adele bob" this holiday season.