Buying An Investment Piece? Ask Yourself These 5 Pivotal Questions First

Building a wardrobe is hard work; it takes time, patience, and (let’s be honest) it can take a lot of money. The first step to forming a truly wonderful, adult closet is finding the perfect balance between cheap-o garments and investment pieces. But what should I consider before buying an "investment piece?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Unfortunately for us mortal humans, the gorgeous and well-balanced closet of an Instagram influencer is unlikely to materialize in your bedroom overnight. But hey! We've all gotta start somewhere. The well-crafted, well-loved, and slightly pricier garment that fashion insiders know as "the investment piece" is a great building block. How do you spot one of these bad boys in the wild though? It can be difficult to distinguish between what’s worth throwing down your credit card down for, and what will leave you with instant buyer’s remorse.

To help you sort out this internal debate, we’ve compiled five essential questions to ask yourself before you spend a month’s rent on a single purse. Answer them truthfully, and you’ll soon be able to make the kind of purchases that will result in a pinterest-worthy wardrobe of your very own. Happy shopping!

1. Is This A Timeless Piece?


To get the most bang for your buck, try to invest in pieces that you're confident you'll like for years to come. Classic staples (the perfect LBD, a fabulous pair of sunglasses) will likely stay in your wardrobe for a long time. Thus, these babies are worth seeking out at a quality, high-end store. Trendier pieces (liquid leggings, fringed booties) will probably have less longevity. When it comes to those, stick to less-expensive stores.

2. What Is The Cost Per Wear?


It's a simple equation: take the price of the piece you're considering, and divide it by the number of times you anticipate wearing it in the next year. Using this math will give you perspective on what you're buying. For example, a work-appropriate purse you're planning to carry five times a week is worth a larger price tag than a sparkly tank you'll wear once on New Year's.

3. Is This An Impulse Buy?


Are you buying this item because you truly need it, or because you're seeking a shopper's high? Before buying something on an impulse, take a moment. Put it on hold, grab a mall pretzel, and have a good think. Better yet, come back the next day. If the piece is actually worth it, you'll be back.

4. Am I Settling?


If you need a camel-colored tote bag, wait till you find the perfect one (or, 'til you have enough money to buy the perfect one). Don't buy a bright red version of your dream bag, just because it's 40 percent off. Hold out until you can afford what you actually need.

5. What Is The Upkeep?


True investment pieces may require a little bit of maintenance down the road, and that's okay. Finding the perfect black leather boots that you truly love is worth the cost of cobbler work. Just make sure they're worth the effort before you lay down big bucks.

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