Kim Fields Cries Over 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Separation Anxiety

Okay, so what the heck is up with Kim Fields crying on Real Housewives of Atlanta ? Homegirl needs to take a deep breath and realize that she won't be able to spend literally every second with either her husband and kids, because on literally every single girl's trip so far, she's acted like she was missing out on crucial developmental milestones for her young children when in reality, it wasn't much more than an afternoon away from them — no different then sending them to spend the night at a friend's house!

Am I crazy, or does it seem like Kim's marriage and family is going to turn out to be more than meets the eye? Separation anxiety that intense for less than three days has got to be an indicator that something else is going on, right? So far, though, it seems like Kim's marriage is actually in better shape than the rest of the cast's. She seems to have a husband who loves her, and she says that she is happiest when spending time with him, not with girlfriends. But this is a woman who has a prolific acting, directing, and producing career — she must have more going on in her life than simply taking the kids to carpool.

It's also possible that Bravo's team of notorious editors are to blame, at least according to what Kim shared on Twitter after the Miami trip episode. Even though on camera it looked like she was a whiny, weepy mess complaining to Phaedra the whole time about how much she missed her husband, she claims that she had a good time and danced too.

Kim also wrote that the trip, or perhaps, her storyline this season "ain't even over, fam" in another Tweet, suggesting that there could be something to my theory about her family and marriage perhaps confronting a serious crisis during the rest of RHOA Season 8.

Image: Rodrigo Valera/Bravo