Kylie Jenner Has Super Long Hair Again

It's back. And by "it," I mean Kylie Jenner's really long black hair. The reality starlet, whose hair changes length, shape, and color with increasing frequency, showed off hair that fell all the way down to her hips in her latest mirror selfie pose. She had a blunt bob just two months ago! The teen has rocked black, mermaid-length hair many times throughout the fall, with pit stops at green, blue, and blonde. She also kicked off the hair tattoo trend.

While she channeled her big sister Kim Kardashian with long, wavy locks and wearing a clingy, cream-colored column gown at last week's Diamond Ball, Jenner really has down-to-there hair right now.

Jenner topped her white top and black pants with a baseball cap with eyes on it. That was a cute, street style touch. But that's also a whole lotta hair.

Seriously, she could go topless and her hair would totally allow her to remain fully covered up. It could act as a bra of sorts. In Jenner's world, even hair is an multitasking accessory.

The teen could even tie her hair around her neck as a loose scarf on one of those chilly, So Cal nights. That's how long her strands are right now.

Let's take a look at Jenner with mega long mermaid hair... again.

Long hair, don't care. I wouldn't want to blow dry those strands; it would probably take 40 minutes. But they do look rad on her.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She does not fear lots of length, as her mermaid green 'do proved.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She was pretty much her big sis Khloe Kardashian's twin when she went buttery blonde.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This should-skimmer 'do was worn in the summer. See what I mean about the only constant being change in her life?

Mega blonde and mega long.

Jenner had the blues... beautifully so.

It's actually much easier to copy her graphic eyes hat, since swapping out hair length and color can get pricy. However, there are lots of cute and fun variations of her hat out there. It's all about the eyes.

This is like a Kylie Jenner x Ariana Grande hybrid, thanks to the eyes and ears. ($10,

This one is scary cute, thanks to those demonic teeth and eyes. ($5,

These cap options are a bit more playful than the one that Jenner is wearing but they are still super fun and totally wearable, especially for girls with Rapunzel-length hair. Baseball caps are quick way to add a little punch to your street style.

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