Kanye West Is Asking For Time To Himself

I know Kanye West likes to pretend he's a god, but we remember he's actually a human, right? That's something we should probably bear in mind, because Kanye wants to be left alone until his next album is finished, and there's nothing wrong with the guy wanting to take a break from all the demands we're placing on him during this time. Guys, I'm as excited about Swish as the rest of you, but, even if you have Kanye's number somehow, stop calling him on the phone to ask when it'll be out. Or to ask him to collaborate with you on a project. Or to deliver a rant at your graduation. (Sorry, did I say rant? I'm sure I must have meant "speech.") The dude just doesn't have time right now.

Even his presidential run is four years out, so whatever little favor you're asking him for right now pales in comparison to preparing for that. Also, lest we forget — Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian just had a baby. Maybe you heard? Actually, I'm sure you did, because you tweeted something pithy about the name "Saint" along with everyone else, even though you secretly like it. (Me.) But, seriously you guys, Kanye has a ton on his plate right now, so maybe we cut him a little slack for a second, so he can put his full attention into his album.

His music is my favorite thing that he does, so unless you want a crappy version of his best thing, maybe we cool it for a second. And this isn't coming just from me — it's coming from the man himself, who tweeted the following to his followers on Dec. 13.

No offense taken! You do you, Kanye! I have enough trouble just putting pants on in the morning, so you finishing your album, finishing your collection, and having a new baby at home is more than enough to keep you occupied. Deleting the email where I ask if you want to be in our Secret Santa pool as we speak. Sorry about that.