Floral Christmas Trees Are All The Rage This Year

Christmas isn't the kind of holiday that often reinvents its style. This year however, a new trend of floral Christmas trees are taking over the internet in a DIY-friendly style virus. Perhaps it's the record mild winter we're having that's inspiring people to mix seasonal decor together — because when you think of the winter holidays, plush, lush, bright floral arrangements are probably the last thing that comes to mind.

The Scots pine tree is an evergreen coniferous tree that grows in cool climates, making it a symbol of winter and the perfect attribute to Christmas. The juxtaposition of the sharp pine needles and the soft flower petals is surprisingly harmonious. The flowers also add a peaceful, non-religious element to the tree that turns the decoration into a glorified houseplant that might be welcome to stick around after the holidays.

As with most trends that begin on the Internet, they spread rapidly and with gusto. People are getting super creative with their floral arrangements. From wrapping flowers into ropes to sticking individual stems into the tree, there's a wide and gorgeous variety of ways to get in on the floral Christmas tree trend. You can use fresh, dried or fake flowers and mix in some more traditional Christmas decorations like lights and thistle if you desire, but save yourself a trip to the attic for the ornaments this year, they won't be needed. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

The Chic Country Tree

This cozy looking tree was decorated with only flowers and looks incredibly lively and festive.

The Dr. Seuss Tree

This whimsical tree looks completely surreal with bright blue flowers and gold paint.

The Lite-Brite Tree

This tree manages to be both incredibly festive and nostalgic. The mix of the giant fake flowers and soft lights make the tree pop.

The Epic Mash-Up Tree

This tree combines the classic elements of holiday decor with the new floral trend and makes an epic impression.

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