Barrett Baber Will Likely Take 'The Voice' Crown

Fayetteville, Arkansas' Barrett Baber is one of the reigning stars on Season 9's The Voice. The country crooner is certainly doing more than holding his own against his teenage counterparts. He may be a little older than the rest, but he has several advantages up his sleeve that the other contestants don't have, and I believe that they will lead to Barrett Baber winning The Voice.

Ancient wise prophets say that with age comes awesomeness... or something like that. Well, anyone who has been introduced to Barrett can attest that he certainly has that in spades. After all, he has a place in a very exclusive club. The club I'm referring to is the contestants who managed to turn all four judges' chairs during their blind auditions. Not an easy task and is a real testament to his talents. Barrett also brings some of his own spice to the young batch of performers this season. His very unique life experiences (of which he has many) coupled with his stage and gig experience makes him a calm, cool and collected contender for the The Voice crown. I think he can easily outperform the rest of the Top 4.

Here's why he is destined to take it all in this weeks finale.

He Survived A Plane Crash

This guy has survived and fought in a very real sense, and overcame this tragedy to do great things with his life. He deserves this hard-fought victory.

He Has Paid His Dues

I know I focused a bit on how he's older than the other final contestants, but it really does play a role in this whole competition. Barrett has played many gigs and worked hard to get here. The guy earned this win fair and square.

He's Unique

Barrett has a delightful mix of country and soul that isn't common in music today. He brings something new and different, which is what I want to see from the winner.

He's A True Artist

Barrett writes his own original music, which not every performer can claim to do. Someone who has struggled through song writing has different appreciation for music.

Oh, And He's Crazy Talented

He was born to be a star. See you in the winner's circle, Barrett.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC