Proof Barrett Baber Can Win 'The Voice'

The Voice is really killing it this season. Does anyone else feel like this crop of contestants is completely overflowing with talent? I want whatever they are having. Barrett Baber is definitely one of The Voice standouts and if you don't believe me, take a look at the videos of Barrett Baber singing that prove that he has what it takes to win. Remember, when he auditioned, all four chairs turned around for this soulful country boy and Blake Shelton (who he ended up choosing for his coach) compared him to Garth Brooks. Not bad as far as praise is concerned.

Barrett Baber has not only taken The Voice by storm with his singing skills, he's also captured viewers' hearts with his tragic, yet completely inspiring backstory. Baber is the survivor of a fatal plane crash that occurred in 1999. He and his fellow classmates from Ouachita Baptist University were traveling as part of their university's choir when the American Airlines flight that they were on crash landed. Eleven people perished in the crash, including a fellow choir member and their choir director's daughter. An event as traumatizing as a plane crash could easily destroy a survivor's desire to chase their dreams. But, Barrett heroically overcame the situation to flourish as a performer. He looks at life differently now and says that he isn't afraid to take risks in his career because he has seen how life can change in an instant. That kind of artist is bound to do amazing things because they lack the insecurities that can hold some other people back from greatness.

Taking a look at videos of Barrett performing really show you the soul that he possesses.

1. "I'd Just Love To Lay You Down" — Conway Twitty

Now I myself am not exactly a country music fan, but there's just some buttery goodness about Barrett's voice that even I can get behind. He nails this cover and does it with the ease of someone telling you the weather.

2. "Deeper Than The Holler" — Randy Travis

Again, how can you not be mesmerized by his voice? Barrett could sing a grocery list and I would add it to my iTunes.

3. "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" — Robert Robinson

Bringing it back to his southern Baptist roots, Barrett can coo out a hymn like it's his job. Anyone else have goosebumps? He is completely comfortable with just his voice and a guitar. That's no easy task.

4. "Killing Me Softly" — Roberta Flack

Showing off his true versatility, Barrett nails this soulful song. It's nice to see him depart from country music because he seems right at home with so many varied genres.

5. "Use Somebody" — Kings Of Leon

Another brilliant showing of his versatility, Barrett jumps into a Kings Of Leon hit without hesitation. When you can sing Conway Twitty and Kings Of Leon, you have some serious musical chops. He can fit into so many genres and truly kill it.

Barrett Baber is one to watch, and these videos prove he really has what it takes to nab The Voice crown.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC