7 Shows 'The Last Kingdom' Fans Should Watch While Waiting For Season 2

If you have been loving BBC America's The Last Kingdom , I can predict several key things about your television viewing habits: You probably love a sprawling, complicated story, a period setting complete with appropriately weathered costumes and tons of detailed, historically accurate props. Attention to historical detail is likely what makes you instantly fall in love with a show's look, and political conflicts can be drawn out over the course of multiple seasons without you getting bored. And, since the show's first season has drawn to an end, in the long wait for Season 2, watch these 7 shows if you love The Last Kingdom available for streaming on one of the many services around the Internet, from Netflix to Hulu.

They range from the obvious to the subtle, but don't worry — it's easy to break down all of the similarities between these shows and The Last Kingdom in order to insure that you get everything you want out of your substitute. The show was recently renewed, so there will plenty more episodes to watch, but since Season 2 is likely a ways off, these seven series will be there so you can get at least get some of that historical drama fix while you wait.

1. Game Of Thrones

Obviously, this HBO series sets the tone for all other TV fantasy programming. Grim, dark, and yet frequently hilarious, GoT may still have some things to work on — namely, its representation of both sexuality and rape — but when it comes to translating the luxe fantasy aesthetic of The Lord of the Rings series to television, it rocks.

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2. Marco Polo

Netflix's original didn't immediately hit, but it actually has some big similarities to The Last Kingdom. But, not with the rather bland character of Marco Polo — with Genghis Khan's son, Kublai Khan, who's facing similar struggles to Uhtred.

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3. Once Upon A Time

I know, I know, this seems like a crazy choice since Once Upon a Time and Last Kingdom are so tonally dissimilar, but if you want the framework of a medieval political drama and some elements that are pure fluffy fantasy, OUAT is your jam. And, it has a metric ton of characters. And, the whole thing is based on Disney's versions of the classic Grimm's fairytales. So good.

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4. Outlander

This series has only the barest fantasy elements, like the Scottish Highland locations and gory wound closeups, but mostly this is a sweeping exotic romance. Romance is a classic part of a historical fantasy epic, even though it's not too present in The Last Kingdom. And, Outlander takes place just a hop, skip, and a short sail away from the Saxon kingdom.

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5. Borgia

Borgia Scenes on YouTube

A famous European family battle to keep control of their kingdom, even as feuds spread across the continent? Only the addition of the religious angle rather than the political ones makes this different than The Last Kingdom.

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6. Vikings

And, for those who find GoT or OUAT too silly, there's the very serious and often ponderous Vikings, which dives into the politics of an ancient Viking clan and its leader. Like The Last Kingdom, it's based on real European history, so will appeal strongly to the history nerds in the fandom.

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7. The Tudors

One of the original Netflix streaming standbys, The Tudors is the perfect way to get that British history fix that The Last Kingdom provides. Sure, it's a different era in English history, but the same basic principle applies: Take the bloody, brutal history of the tiny island nation and add some very, very good looking actors to the mix.

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Season 2 of The Last Kingdom is too far away, but these shows will make the wait much easier.

Images: Kata Vermes/BBC America; Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Bernard Walsh/HISTORY; Giphy (2)