Ariana Grande Is Getting In The Xmas Spirit

by Alex Kritselis

On Sunday afternoon, legendary left-side-only diva Ariana Grande announced that new music is coming soon. Best holiday surprise ever! But, believe it or not, this news gets even better: The "Problem" singer "liked" several tweets from fans asking if "soon" meant within 10 days or less, suggesting that the fresh material will arrive just in time for Christmas. So, what kind of musical gift is Grande giving us? According to her recent tweet, she's releasing a new song called "True Love," plus at least one more track. Are these tunes from Grande's upcoming third album, Moonlight ?

At this point, it's unclear. However, I'm guessing they might actually be a part of an upcoming Christmas EP. After all, the 22-year-old artist has released Christmas music for the last couple of years (if you haven't heard "Santa Tell Me" yet, it's adorable), so it's kind of become a tradition.

Furthermore, Grande previewed "True Love" on Snapchat last week, and some of the song's lyrics sound pretty "Christmas-y" to me. For example, in one clip, Grande can be heard singing, "Whatever is on your list, I'll do it." In another, she sings, "Look at all the things my true love gave to me." Hmm. Check out the "True Love" snippets below and see what you think.

It's also entirely possible that "True Love" is featured on Moonlight, and Grande is already preparing to move on from "Focus," the LP's much-anticipated lead single. "Focus" received mixed reviews when it premiered at the end of October, and unfortunately, it's not performing exceptionally well at pop radio. (Additionally, although the song debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it's slipped to No. 17. Ouch.) That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Grande feels as though it's time to try something new.

Interestingly, Grande said the rest of the songs on Moonlight sound nothing like "Focus" during an interview with U.K. radio station KISS at the beginning of November. Hopefully, the general public will respond more favorably to "True Love" and whatever other tracks are coming down the pipeline. We'll find out soon enough!