This App Will Send Bieber Lyrics To Anyone

I never thought of myself as a true Belieber, but listening to Justin Bieber's new album Purpose has been a bit of a spiritual awakening for me. Gone are the days where I scoff at the mere idea of a new Bieber single on the radio — if more for the singer's questionable personal decisions than his clear musical talent. Now, I turn that ish up, because Bieber has officially proved to me that he can make great tunes despite his not-so-great track record at, you know, being a person. I guess it's really not too late for Bieber to say sorry — which is why this new app that sends Bieber lyrics to anyone you wish is kind of the best idea anyone has ever had.

The new app is called Bieber Bomb, and if you've ever wanted to send someone an anonymous message via the lyrics to any of Bieber's songs, then this is the (very specific) app you have been waiting for. The app costs $1 to download, and it's ridiculously simple to use. Just enter your friend's number, and an anonymous number will send them 10 text messages with exclusively Biebs lyrics over the course of one day. We're talking lines from songs like original classics like "Baby" to new hits like "Sorry." Really, what could be better?

So now that you know that you can send whoever you want Bieber lyrics, who are you going to send them to? This is an app you can use for either good or evil, so here are just a few people you might think about sending these lyrics too:

1. Your Belieber BFF

She never gave up on the Biebs, even when he was acting really shady towards Selena Gomez and peed in that mop bucket. Sending her lyrics from her ultimate celebrity bae is basically like an early Christmas gift. In fact, it could be the only one you get her, because obviously, it'll be her favorite present of the year. (Just make sure you let her know it was you who sent them, because JB shouldn't get the credit for your $1.)

2. Your Bieber Loathing Ex

That guy (or girl) was a jerk. Maybe they really undermined your success. Maybe they also peed in a bucket that one time. Either way, they happen to hate the Biebs more than you hate all of their awful musical preferences, and they definitely deserve what's coming to them. Glitter in the mail is just too good for that person.

3. Your Clueless Parents

They have zero idea who Bieber is, really, though they think they may have seen him on Letterman that one time. Either way, expect lots of hilarious response texts to "What Do You Mean" lyrics.

Bieber Bomb will keep you entertained throughout the whole year — when you're not listening to Purpose on repeat, of course.

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