What Time Does 'Serial' Come Out?

by Amy Mackelden

Unless you're living in the wilderness and haven't had access to the Internet, you'll know that Serial Season 2 has started. But what time does Serial Season 2 come out each week? The second season of the super popular podcast is sure to be every bit as gripping as the first. Taking a completely different direction from Season 1, which focused on a little known murder, Season 2 focuses on Robert Bowdrie “Bowe” Bergdahl, who was captured by the Taliban in 2009, and later charged with desertion for leaving his post, the move which led to his capture. As the case is still active, there's so much for listeners to get their teeth into, and, with episodes being released weekly, there's sure to be much discussion of the case in between.

The first episode of Season 2 of Serial came out on Thursday 10th Dec. at 6 a.m.. So can we expect new episodes each Thursday, around the time of 6 a.m. EST? Does this mean we'll have to wake up super early for the next few weeks? Is it worth setting my alarm to listen first thing in the morning as soon as it's released on Pandora, or should I wait for Serial to appear on iTunes?

As Serial has become so popular, it's expanded onto Pandora, who are official Serial partners now, with the episodes available simultaneously on the show's official site. While these are the first places you'll be able to hear the new episodes each week, the show will still be available on iTunes, though not at a predictable time. New episodes of Serial will likely be available each Thursday at approximately 6 a.m. EST, but this may vary slightly depending on the editing of the podcast, and when each new episode is ready.

Serial keep their Twitter feed and Facebook page up to date with information about the show, and share links to new episodes there. If you're as excited as the rest of the general public about Season 2, you'll be waiting by your laptop or phone ready for each episode to drop.