Watch 'The Walking Dead's New Trailer

The Walking Dead, with its gazillions of viewers, is coming back soon. The second half of the show's fourth season is set to premiere on AMC come Feb. 9, and now that Walking Dead return's got a trailer all its own.

"I know we'll never get things back to the way they used to be," Rick Grimes says over the trailer, in what seems like a bit of an understatement once the freaking zombie apocalypse has taken place. "It's not gonna be easy," he continues, apparently on a roll with these understatement things because, like I said, zombie apocalypse.

He also makes a note that he and his little ragtag group are not too far gone, which is lucky, because this show seems like it's got a few seasons left in it— at least if the ratings for this thing keep being bonkers-level great — and it'd suck if they killed literally everyone.

Still, considering all the murderous mayhem that occurred in the midseason finale — wherein two big characters met their end and, well, a general massacre occurred — the cast of The Walking Dead might just need that Grimesian pep talk, especially with "Bad Moon Rising" playing in the background.

Image: AMC