Kimye Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Everything You Need This Holiday — PHOTOS

Just when you though Drake Christmas sweaters were the best thing to hit your shopping list, this power couple comes together and attempts to break the Internet once again. These Kimye Christmas sweaters truly make the season even more merry and bright with their cool designs and hilarious puns. Say goodbye to the ugly cat sweater that you wear to every Christmas party, because this is the new and improved ugly sweater.

Fresh Brewed Tees, the company responsible for bringing you the OG Drake "Hotline Bling" holiday sweater, created a whole line of festive shirts to give you a laugh. Who knew there could be an entire market for pop culture ugly sweaters? For just $50 you can buy holiday gear that will truly go down in history. Sorry, Rudolph. Although North and Saint West aren't part of the collection just yet, this Kimye apparel is perfect for closing out 2015 in style.

Kim Kardashian's sweatshirt features her iconic Paper cover pose with a cheery twist. Instead of champagne, she shoots some eggnog onto her backside, surrounded by the words "O' Kim All Ye Faithful" framing her. The Kanye version reads "Oh Come All Ye Faithful," with an emphasis on the ye. The rapper is pictured in complete Santa attire and surrounded by his Yeezy Boosts. If that's not the most timely Christmas sweater imaginable that I don't know what is!

Kimye Sweatshirts, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

The company has a whole lineup of sweatshirts as well, so if Kimye isn't your favorite holiday flavor, maybe these other festive toppers will keep you merry.

1. Barack Obama

Barackin' Around The Christmas Tree, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

This sweatshirt is everything you need to have a Barackin' good time.

2. Steph Curry

Steph Flurry, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

Celebrate the season in style with this year's MVP.

3. Drake

Sleigh Bell Ring, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

Who could forget the sweater that started it all?

4. Hillary Clinton

Happy Hillarys, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

This one is already sold out, but it's too good not to mention.

5. Lebron James

Bron Dasher, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

Because what's better than Lebron flying over Cleveland wearing his crown?

6. Corey Kluber

Christmas Corey, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

The puns get better and better.

7. Deangleno Williams

Williams Wonderland, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

Practicing that stiff arm on a snowman is what the holidays are all about.

8. Bernie Sanders

Ebenezer Bernie, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

This one is festive and political all at once.

9. Kent State

Kent State Flashes, $50, Fresh Brewed Tees

They don't have a ton of colleges, but if your school happens to be available, I suggest you scoop one up!

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