Taylor Swift Meets Her Lookalike & These Photos Are Proof They Were Separated At Birth — PHOTOS

If you could look like any celebrity in the world, who would it be? My answer is easy: I'd want the face of Taylor Swift — not only because she's gorgeous, but also because I'd love to trick people into thinking that I was her. But somebody already gets to live that reality, and it's crazy how much she resembles Swift. Olivia Sturgiss is a 19-year-old Swift fan from Australia who just so happens to look eerily like her favorite singer. And during a 1989 tour stop in Melbourne last weekend, Sturgiss and Swift got to meet, resulting in an adorable photo of the two of them with Sturgiss' friend.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many details about what happened when Swift came face-to-face with her Australian twin, but the picture pretty much speaks for itself. And since word's gotten around that Sturgiss looks so much like Swift, she's been all over the Internet. And once you've seen her, it's easy to see why — it's like looking at Swift herself. In fact, after five minutes of scrolling through her Instagram account, I was in awe that two totally unrelated people from opposite sides of the planet could look so alike.

Can we talk about this adorable photo, though?

Not convinced? Here are some of Sturgiss' Swift-est photos from her Instagram. A moment of silence for all who have ever seen her in person and thought that they were in the presence of the Queen.

This Photo Of Her Surrounded By 1989 Albums

In this pic, with her hair curled, she's definitely looking like Fearless-era Swift. Also, this is what I imagine Swift looks like when she's secretly sending packages of gifts to fans during the holidays.

This Polaroid

The fact that she used Swift's photo medium of choice really seals it. And so does the cat.

This Selfie

This photo might be the one in which Sturgiss looks her Swift-est. I've spent countless hours of my life looking at photos of Swift, and when she takes a selfie, this is what she looks like.

This Group Photo

It's the arm. The arm makes it.

BRB, off to dye my hair blonde and get a haircut. I want to find out how Swift I can look (spoiler: probably not even close), because this looks like so much fun.