7 'Scream Queens' Moments To Revisit ASAP

Now that the Red Devil has been revealed on Scream Queens, and there is a Ryan Murphy-sized hole in our Tuesday nights, fans are dying to re-watch the show to find clues and relive every hysterifying moment. So, will Scream Queens be on Netflix? Because FOX shows are a mixed bag when it comes to streaming, it’s hard to say.

So far, nothing has been announced about Scream Queens heading to Netflix. But Ryan Murphy’s other FOX hits — like Glee and American Horror Story —are both available on the streaming service, which makes things promising for Scream Queens. But if you simply can't wait to watch the first season again, it is currently available to stream on Hulu, and can be purchased on both iTunes and Amazon Video.

With the Red Devil so recently revealed, there are so many moments fans want to re-watch — when we want to re-watch them, without interruption. Now that we know who the killer is, we want to go back, piece it all together, and remember all of the characters we lost earlier in the season, like Chanel #2! So here are seven moments we are anxious to relive on Scream Queens. Spoilers for the first season ahead.

1. Meeting Hester

Hester arrived with the other Kappa pledges, so she kind of blended in with all of the other hopeful sisters. Don’t you want to meet Hester again, but this time knowing her secret and paying extra attention to her? Plus, her fondness for scary stories and graveyards makes way more sense now, so those moments will really stand out.

2. The Bathtub Flashback

Remember when Grace first discovered the bathtub that started it all? How much of the story about the Kappa who died was revealed the first time it came up? Did that scene offer any clues about how it connected to the Red Devil killers? What did Grace think of her mom's role that night, before she knew it was her mom?

3. Zayday’s Kidnapping

Without the anxiety of watching it live, and thinking she wasn’t going to make it, this plot could feel totally different. Were there clues we didn’t notice?

4. Horror Movie References

There were so many horror movie references throughout Scream Queens' first season that it was impossible to catch them all on first viewing.

5. Seeing Roger, Dodger, Chanel #2, & Others Again

So many great characters were lost very early in the show, and it would be nice to see them again. (Even if we already know their brutal fates.)

6. Chanel’s Insults

Chanel's insults are sometimes disturbing, usually tasteless, and always hilarious. She spews so many terrible things with such a monotone delivery that there are probably a dozen creative slurs you missed the first time around.

7. Dean Munsch’s Innocence

Ok, not just Munsch, but rewatching the show and removing those you originally found most suspicious from the equation could give you a new perspective. What else will you notice if you stop watching the Dean's every move?

In addition to revealing new hints clues, re-watching Scream Queens is the perfect to kill time until FOX gives it a second season, and a new mystery to unravel.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; Giphy (6)