Ashley Graham Has An Exciting New Fashion Gig

by Gina Jones 2

In a holiday twist that I'm not entirely surprised by but nonetheless ecstatic about, plus size model Ashley Graham and Swimsuitsforall are entering into an exclusive partnership, according to the latest press release distributed by the brand. The retailer and the model have collaborated before, of course, when Graham's swimsuit advertising campaign #CurvesInBikinis for S4A would lead her to become the first plus size model featured in Sports Illustrated. The latter news gained the star and the swimsuit brand some much-deserved positive attention earlier this year.

It's so clear that, with this collaboration, both parties are striving for the success of body positivity to reign supreme. In all honesty, so is much of the rest of the world. By changing minds and spreading positive messages, I can only hope this collab will further the size acceptance promoted by Ashley Graham and Swimsuitsforall as individual entities.

According to the brand, Graham is taking on a role with Swimsuitsforall that will be so much more than an exclusive modeling contract. Through becoming the face of the brand, Graham will be modeling the new designs, participating in editorial photography, and helping spearhead numerous campaigns. However, her beauty isn't the only thing that this model will be bringing to the Swimsuitsforall table. As well as modeling, Graham will be designing three annual swimsuit collections, with the first set to be released in May 2016.

By collaborating with a plus size model, and not just for editorials but for designing, Swimsuitsforall has proven that it realizes the future truly needs to become more and more diverse. With her personal experiences as a plus model and stunning personal style, Graham's collections for the the brand will undoubtedly be gorgeous pieces made not just for plus size women, but by a plus size woman. What I'm especially hoping for is plenty of body positivity and low rise bikini bottoms; because not everything plus size has to be high waisted, after all.

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although the wait for May will probably seem endless, it is definitely going to be worth it. What need do you have for a swimsuit campaign in February anyway, right? And as the anticipation builds, Ashley Graham and Swimsuitsforall have plenty of time to refine designs and launch the perfect capsule collection for the upcoming spring.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the meantime, you can check out Graham's other work for body positivity and size acceptance. Her campaigning against the over-sexualized view of curvy bodies made headlines this fall, as well as her TEDx talk "More Like My Size," through which she hoped to remove the stigma of plus size modeling and the separation of plus size versus straight size in the industry. Graham is refusing to let body positivity fade away; and Swimsuitsforall seems like the perfect collaborator to spread the messages further.

Image: Courtesy Swimsuitsforall (1)